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Weight Loss Tips For Men

>> Oct 1, 2016

It is not enough to be medically healthy. Many men worry about looking healthy and fit. Some of the dilemmas men face today revolve around:
-Increasing body weight and body fat
-Body shape concerns
-Lack of exercise
-Compulsive exercising
-Appearance obsession
-Weight prejudice in work and social situations
-Confusion about health and nutrition
Studies have shown that men on the whole are as dissatisfied with their body weight as women, but are dissatisfied in different ways. Forty percent of men would like to increase weight, while an equal number would like to decrease weight. Likewise, 70-80 percent of women are usually dissatisfied with their weight; however, they almost always want to weigh less.

Just as women have impossible ideals for thinness, so do men have impossible, culturally-based norms placed upon them. Few men meet the ideal images that are hurled from ads, television shows, movies, and even seemingly scientific-sounding articles. Unfortunately, these norms keep worsening the gap between where men are and where they would like to be.

Healthy eating and diet

At every age, everyone has a natural weight range that is right for them. Your best weight is predominantly decided by your genes. Our bodies fight to maintain a "set point" range that is correct for each of us. We are at our healthiest within five to 10 pounds of this set point. Weight fluctuations are normal within that range. If someone diets below their set point, calories are preserved because the body conserves them due to "famine" conditions. This is the reason that dieters easily lose weight at the beginning of their diets, then the weight loss stops. Their bodies start to burn calories more slowly to maintain the set point. The dieter gets frustrated, gives up on the diet, and gains the weight back and often more. He clearly would be much better off not going on diets--period.

Although others might have different opinions, we seldom endorse the idea of dieting or weight loss. Restrictive dieting for severe obesity, under a physician's guidance, may have its place; but, for the vast majority of men who want to lose weight, choosing a healthy nutritional program and increased fitness does the job much better. Most weight loss by dieting will be restored within 12 months after stopping the diet, perhaps to a higher weight.

The skinny on fats

Nutritional lipids the kinds of fats we eat are as different from each other as a pussycat is from a tiger. Saturated fats (the bad fats) are found in animal fats, full-fat dairy products, margarine, palm oil, and coconut oil. These tasty bad fats are used widely in commercially-baked products. Rates of bowel and prostate cancers, as well as coronary disease, increase in proportion to the amount of saturated fat in an individual's diet. Polyunsaturated fats (the neutrals) include many of the vegetable oils (safflower, corn, and soy) used in salad dressings. They are certainly better than saturated fats and reduce cholesterol, but they also reduce the HDL's that take bad fats out of the body the fat burning kitchen program helps to burn fat without any side effect. Monounsaturated fats (the good fats) include olive oil, olives, nuts, fish, avocados, and canola oil. A diet of moderate monounsaturated fats is associated with decreased weight, improved blood lipids, and decreased risk of coronary disease and cancer.

Most men, with the exception of some who have had heart attacks or genetically high levels of blood lipids, should safely consume 20 to 30 percent of their calories in fat, preferably monounsaturated.

The carbohydrate connection

Carbohydrates are referred to as high-glycemic, or "simple," and low-glycemic, or "complex." Sugar is a natural food and does not harm you. That said, there is not much value to eating high-glycemic carbohydrates. High sugar tends to produce empty calories without vitamins and the calories are burned too quickly to be of great value in most situations. Less-refined carbohydrates and protein burn much more evenly.

Complex carbohydrates should comprise the largest share of your daily caloric intake. These calories burn more evenly because they are polymers of many simple sugars, and are available in two types of food starch and fiber. Grains (cereal, bread, pasta, rice, etc.), legumes, vegetables, and fruits are good sources of carbohydrates. Also, there is more nutritional value to foods which have been processed less, such as "whole grain" rather than "white" bread. Generally speaking, you should consume at least 40 percent of your diet as carbohydrate, and choose the lower-glycemic, complex carbohydrates as the bulk.


Why Can't I Lose Weight?

This is one of the most frequently asked health questions. Unfortunately, the answer is among the most complicated in the entire health and fitness field. Being overweight and having trouble losing it is often the result of a number of interacting factors such as genetics, body composition, psychological factors, metabolic rate and approach to weight control. In other words, it's a heck of a lot more than the amount of food you eat or the amount of exercise you do.

Body fat distributions (where you carry your fat) are all greatly influenced by your genetic makeup. The genetic characteristics inherited by each of us from our parents can largely determine how effectively we burn fat or how quickly we store it. Genes are also responsible for a large part of how well we respond to our body's signals of "fullness" after a meal as well as the number of calories we burn just sitting around.

You can probably get a rough idea of your own genetic predisposition for weight gain by looking at your parents, grandparents and siblings. If your biological parents are overweight, then chances are very good that you'll also be overweight, or you'll have to take steps to prevent weight gain. It's important to understand that if you have a genetic predisposition toward weight gain, the likelihood that you'll ever be extremely thin is remote and you should set your body weight goals accordingly.

Even very slight differences in the way you burn calories can make a huge difference in body weight over time. Imagine changing the number of calories that you burn each day by 50 (about as much in a small cookie)- not a big deal, right? Wrong. Even a small 50 calorie per day difference adds up to more than 5 pounds of body fat over the course of a year! Likewise, your overall body composition can have a gigantic influence on the number of calories that you burn throughout the day.

People with more muscle burn more calories, while people with more body fat tend to burn less. Muscles should be considered the "power plants" of the body because the muscles are where the majority of our calories are burned each day. Increase your muscle mass and you increase your ability to burn calories and lose weight (or maintain weight while eating more). Fat, on the other hand, has a very low metabolic rate when compared to muscle, meaning that the more fat you have, the less "active" tissue you have for burning calories.

Even though your difficulty losing weight or maintaining a given body weight is the result of many factors, it is by no means hopeless. A predisposition toward low energy expenditure and weight gain, is just that, a predisposition, it does not mean that you're powerless to influence your body weight. Any weight loss or weight maintenance plan should emphasize increasing metabolic rate via a combination of aerobic, strength exercises, proper nutrition, strategic meal planning and some over the counter thermogenic enhancers.

Since most people live very sedentary lives; it's important to understand that the right weight loss supplement can and will increase your chances of losing weight. I suggest the Venus Factor authorized weight loss program. The decision to lose weight is ultimately up to you.


Make use of pocket otoscope to diagnose ear problem

>> Sep 29, 2016

As we can notice a huge development in the field of technology, we can notice up gradation in the field of medical science too. To diagnose problems with different parts of our body several instruments have been developed and among these, otoscope has become one of the most common names in diagnosing different types of ear problems. This particular instrument is used to examine any problem within the ear whether there is any inflammation or infection or not etc.

An otoscope is a small object with which doctors look into the ears of people. This instrument is able to emerge directly into the ears and position inside the ears can be seen with the lenses fixed with these instruments.  If you want a technical definition for the device, then we can say that otoscope or auriscope is a tool which is a typically designed and used for checking the internal parts of the ears. This device is used by ENT specialists to screen the illness during patient check-ups and also for investigating ear symptoms. It potentially gives an in-depth look of the ear canal along with tympanic membrane, or eardrum.

The structure of any such otoscope is facilitated with small head and cone at the end part which emerges into the ear. To hold this instrument, we can notice a long handle. The cone of this otoscope is designed in such a way that it can fit properly inside the outside auditory drum. The cone of covered up with disposable plastic lenses so that infection from the plastic head cannot be spread.

There mainly two types of otoscope which are famous in the recent medical field. Doctors can opt for using a handheld otoscope or battery operated otoscope. However, besides these types, doctors can also opt for pocket otoscope, video otoscope, full sized otoscope etc. All types of otoscope are specially designed so that these can be easily carried by doctors in their pockets. The otoscope which can be carried within the pockets can easily be used by the doctors.

So, when any doctor is going to use the otoscope, he or she should be aware of the process of using the otoscope to check ear problem of any patient. Besides, knowing the process to operate a pocketotoscope, one should know the how to purchase the pocket otoscope of the best quality. One can opt for online sites to buy the best pocket otoscope of the best quality. Everyone should check properly before buying an otoscope to diagnose any ear problem within a patient and to rectify their all problems.

When you are in search of a quality pocket otoscope we will insist you visiting the reputed review sites where you can read the reviews of the leading brands and the feedback given by the medical experts will make your selection easy. Prices will vary from one brand to that of the other and so make sure you make the best pick for you for treating the patients well.


Car vs. SUV – What to Choose for a Family Vehicle

>> Sep 27, 2016

When the family starts growing or you simply want to get a new car the choice of possible vehicles seems to be overwhelming. This is why we created several most important factors that will influence your decision to help you go through them fast and purchase your next family car without a headache.

1. What do you plan to use the vehicle for? If you have children that must travel in the car seats then you should look for a spacious vehicle with easy access to the backseats. Professionals advise to check Toyota Camry for these reasons. In case you are planning to tow a boat or a moving house then you need a more powerful car, such as SUV, crossover, or even a truck. Consider also the cargo space that you need for the everyday life; if you travel a lot then also think of getting a spacious car instead of a small city vehicle.

2. Where do you live? This point is mostly about the weather conditions you home is situated in. For example, if you live in a place with severe winters then professionals advise getting the 4x4 power and higher suspension which are common for SUVs. These vehicles are also better for mountainous, wooded, and any other rough terrain areas. It is essential to consider exactly 4x4 and not only front wheel drive because the former may not perform so well in rough weather conditions. In case you live in a city and need a city car, the climate is mild then any vehicle will work great for your needs. But at this point do not get too large car because you simply risk to overspend on fuel in the future.

3. Is fuel economy an important concern for you? Today the economics continues to go deeper and deeper in hell and the prices for gas and fuel in general continue to raise. This is why exactly today as in no other period In the history of humankind drivers care about the fuel economy of their future vehicles so much. In the matter of fact, exactly fuel efficiency of a car becomes the decisive factor in choosing a new vehicle. As manufacturers feel this tendency they start creating more and more economic cars. For instance, the most obvious choice is hybrid vehicles. Most SUVs become more “car like”, in terms of this fact because their engines get smaller to provide drivers with better fuel economy.

4. Are environmental factors a priority? And the final point of this article is connected to the environment of our planet. More people become green today so making cars that do not harm the environment has become very popular and important. If getting a green car is your top priority then you can find Mazda 3 being a perfect candidate. For the reason of fewer exhaust gases you can definitely opt for hybrids that have absolutely no harmful gases spread into the atmosphere.


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