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Understanding Vastu and its Effects

>> Aug 7, 2013

A rising number of Indians are constructing or re-arranging their homes according to Vastu Shastra. Even internationally, positive and negative energies present at home are being given detailed attention. Just like Vastu’s counterpart Feng Shui is becoming popular in China and beyond, Vastu is fast catching up with Indians. Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of architecture in India and consists of designs specially created for built structures and their interiors. The following article will discuss about the concept of Vastu and the elements involved. You will also learn about how to make your home Vastu-compliant to improve health and lifestyle.

An Introduction to Vastu
Vastu is a Sanskrit word meaning 'dwelling' in English. It is part of the Indian vedas and covers all buildings and structures in the modern context. The concept entails the physical, spiritual and psychological order of the constructed environment, in compatibility with the cosmic energies. It includes the study of planetary influences on man-made designs and buildings built from them. The study takes into account the impact of the energies on people living in these buildings and is intended to offer corrective guidelines for apposite construction.   

It is believed that one must abide by the Vastu guidelines while building homes in order to bring happiness, peace, well-being and wealth to one’s life. It can also help evade depression, disasters and diseases by living in a house filled with positive cosmic field.

Vedic wisdom is designated as equivalent to divine knowledge of the cosmic mind of sages during meditation. It is said that Vastu was developed between 6000 BC and 3000 BC and was passed on by ancient architects by hand-written monographs and word of mouth.  

The key premise of Vastu is based on the surmise that the Earth is a living organism from which other organic forms and living creatures emerge; making every particle and space hold live energy. There are five elements in Vastu Shastra governing the principles of creation – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These elements act as forces for or against one other to build a balance or imbalance.

The theory also states that all forms on earth are affected by the nine planets, and that all the planets represent a direction. Thus, we can say our homes are under the impact of the nine planets and five elements.

Your Home
Today there are many upcoming residential projects that offer apartments and villas built according to Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra, the interiors of our homes must be designed in ways that that the positive forces overrule the negative ones to beneficially release bio-energy that will allow you and your family to lead a healthy and happy life.

In case your house is built in a fashion that allows the negative energies to supersede the positive, it can lead to your thoughts, efforts and actions to turn negative. This is where the counteractive nature of Vastu will guide you towards a positive environment at home for a better life.

The optimum use of Vastu models can aid in creating an emotionally soothing, comfortable yet intellectually vibrant atmosphere at home.

Tips to Boost Positivity at Home
  • While constructing or buying a house, make sure the main entrance does not face south-west. The main door of your home will signify the mouth that brings in the energy. An entrance from the south-west direction represents the entry of evil energy and carries misfortunes and struggle. Place two tiles of Hanumanji right outside the door to improve the situation.
  • Make sure you place the temple in the North-East.
  • The kitchen represents prosperity and should be located in the southeast.
  • Bathrooms bear have the energy of 'hell' and must be situated in the South or West, else you can suffer from financial, educational or health problems.
  • Keep the center of the house, which is the nose, uncluttered and open as it needs space to breather.

Author bio: Being a prolific writer, Devika Arora is dedicated to studying the current property trends and compiling facts for the benefit of potential investors. Her articles and other write-ups analyze the realm of Indian real estate and its prospects. The above piece of work elaborates why most properties, including flatsin Nallasopara, are being built according to Vastu.

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