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Essential Camping Trips and Tricks

>> Aug 17, 2015

Camping can be fun and relaxing if you are well prepared and if you know how to set up a camping site. Otherwise, you might be in for an adventure that will forever ruin camping for you. Though you have to keep in mind that without proper preparation and planning, it will be extremely hard to set up camp and to enjoy nature in its full glory.


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Always make sure you have shelter
Even if you are going to a camping site, it is very important that you find or prepare shelter. This will be especially imperative if you are not going with a camp house and if you want to camp with a tent and a bedroll. Finding shelter before dark will be essential as you will have not only a hard time setting up everything in the dark, but you will have to deal with any passing wildlife as well. Besides it is always better to have your fire burning by the time night falls, so that you are safe from anything happening during the night.

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You need to be clear with one thing immediately, a bigger tent is not going to be better at all times. And, in most cases it is best to carry a smaller tent so that you do not lug around a lot of your things. Though, make sure that you always check beforehand where you will go so that you can pack your gear to best suit your needs. Furthermore, always make sure that you choose the right tent because it will be beneficial if you can set up your tent quick and without any hassle.

Pitching your tent

Pack enough food that will last
Remember to pack light and easy to carry food with you, so that you do not have to bring a lot of perishable ingredients. It will go bad quickly without refrigeration, and it might attract uninvited wildlife. Moreover, learn how to prepare simple meals from canned and dried ingredients, it will be easier to cook it and to clean up afterwards as well.

Building a campfire without setting the forest on fire
A campfire is necessary to build, but it can quickly become a hazard if you do not pay attention. Before you set out on a camping adventure, you need to be sure that you can build a fire pit and that it will not endanger its surrounding, even if you forget to put it out. Always carry a simple set of flint and steel, so that you can light your fires without any trouble.

Be wary of your water supply
Unless you can be sure that you can refill your water supplies, it is best if you carry enough to last you your camping trip. Besides bringing enough jugs and water bottles, make sure to learn how to filtrate water on your own. Finding springs will be a great find, but often it is best to first purify water so that you avoid drinking any toxins. Remember that the easier solution to treat your water is to boil it.

Make room for any extra supplies
If you are going on a camping trip with a car, you need to make sure that you have enough fuel with you, and that you can use it. Make sure to install additional diesel tanks so that you can carry surplus fuel. In the long run it might become necessary not only to have enough so that you can drive in rough terrain, but also to feed your fire when it becomes absolutely necessary. Though bear in mind that you should not bring along too much, or it will only slow you down.

Check before you pack for camping
Make a list of essentials you must bring along the trip, so that you can double check it and make sure that you have everything. Moreover, practice setting up a campsite before dark falls, so that you have enough time to secure the perimeter and to get a fire started. Always plan ahead so that you can bring sufficient food and water and other supplies as well. In the end, your camping experience should be enjoyable and memorable.

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Nandar August 18, 2015 at 9:54 AM  

I love camping. Camping is just so quiet and peaceful.

galih jati August 24, 2015 at 10:20 AM  

camping is a way to unite with nature

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