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Healthy Snacks You Can Give Your Kids

>> Aug 10, 2015

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With the ability to get as many sweets and candy at a whim, it is becoming ever so increasingly hard to give fit snacks to your kids. However, there are plenty of healthy alternatives you can look into, but you will have to make sure that your kids like it as well, otherwise there will not be much use of it. Keep in mind that if you develop a healthy snack regime from an early age, it will be unlikely for your kids to eat unhealthy food later on.

What is a snack?
It is important that you, and your children understand what a snack really is. It should not be something they can just take whenever they feel like because it can quickly turn into a bad habit that will lead to overeating and making them fat. Moreover, if they start snacking on sugary finger food it can quickly lead to more serious problems, and it will seriously affect their overall health. But, they should learn the difference when they can have something sweet, and that they should mostly try to eat fruits or even nibble on vegetables.

How much is too much?
You should keep a tight schedule your children can easily follow, and that you can pay attention what your kids are eating. Because having too much at once, and over a longer period can lead to oversnacking, a serious problem that could develop other addictions as well. Just keep in mind that a snack is needed when they need to replenish their strength before a major meal, and it should never be a replacement for it. Moreover, make sure your kids also understand that they can only have a little, because it might ruin their appetite.

Make your healthy alternatives

There are many snacks you can make on your own, and most will require little chopping up of fruits and vegetables. However, you can make some snacks by cooking or baking as well. Just make sure that you do not use a lot of additives and to keep it as simple as possible. Using Matchbox’s kitchenware you will find that preparing healthy snacks for your kids, and your whole family will be interesting and fun at the same time. Though make sure to find healthy and easy to make recipes, so that you can enjoy it.

The difference between a treat and a snack
In most cases people tend to mix up treats and snacks because they think it is the same. However, that is not the case, because usually snacks are good and healthy munchies which will keep you satisfied but not full. However the biggest difference between a treat and a snack is that we usually get treats when we do something good. And you should teach your children the difference as well, they should not expect treats every time though, but they should know that they can get some if they are good.

Keep it healthy and simple
In general, it is best to stick with fruits and sometimes even vegetables, so that your kids can get a liking to them, and that they do not get spoiled with fatty and sugary snacks. Moreover, by eating healthily, it will ensure that their bodies develop as they should, and you will not have to worry about them adopting bad habits, or reaching out to sugary and bad snacks that might ruin their health. Most importantly, explain in detail to your kids why healthy snacks are better, and what the purpose of a snack really is, and why it is actually important.

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