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Divorce Without a Lawyer - Is It Possible in Los Angeles?

>> Jan 19, 2021

While filing a divorce case without a lawyer you need to understand that there are two types of cases that will be filed. Those are uncontested divorce case or a contested divorce case. In the case of an uncontested divorce case, the case is really easy and you won’t need a lawyer and it will go smoothly if you understand the legal details.

While in case of contested divorce case there are some points at where you and your spouse are arguing about and hence you need a divorce attorney Los Angeles. Without a lawyer for planning to go for a contested divorce case then you need to do better research. For example, you need to understand the legalities of child custody, the partition of assets, and alimony payment.


Here are the ways to file for a divorce without a lawyer

Start understanding states regulations

need to understand what are the State legal rules apply for the divorce case. Mostly you need to be living with your spouse for six months before filing for the divorce to fulfill the regulations of the state for the divorce case. This will be a prior condition to file the divorce case.

also while living with your spouse you need to make sure that you both are living at the same residence. These things are not minute and will be checked during the divorce case so you should be thinking about them carefully. Also if you have completed the six months then you can start filing the divorce case.

Divorce petition

Once you fulfill the basic regulations for the divorce case from the state then you are eligible to file the divorce case. Now you can file the petition for the divorce case which is the starting procedure. This is a form that helps to be notified that you need a divorce. This form will ask for various details that need to be filled in carefully.

you will be asked to provide the details such as contact details, asset details, liabilities, residents, and various others which need to be filled in carefully. You cannot fill in any false details as they will be checked for others and these details are the basic criteria upon which your case will be depended upon.


Once you have filtered the petition for much time that you submit the form to the “so that the divorce process can start as soon as possible. If you want a divorce early then there are some ways that only Divorce attorneys in Los Angeles would know. you can be asked to the attorney consult and plan the future course of action.

It is possible that you don’t hire the divorce attorney in Los Angeles while you just consult him and do the proceedings yourself. While if there is no hurry to get the divorce then you can easily complete the procedure within the given time by the court.

Sending petition

Yes, you have already submitted the petition form to the court but it is time that the petition form should also be sent to your spouse. It is not advice but a compulsion to the party who is filing for the divorce. Your spouse must know about your filing the divorce and hence you need to send a petition form to the spouse.

while sending the petition form to your spouse you must take care that the form is handed over to the spouse or the close relatives of the spouse. If there is some discrepancy found in this matter then your case can go against you. It will be a big blunder for your case and can stretch your case for the long-term.

Go to hearings and get a final decree

once you are done with the petition form now you will be moved further for the divorce hearings. The hearings will start for a 60 day trial period which is needed to be attended by both you and your spouse. These hearings are a crucial part of your diverse and you must attend them on time without any default.

You must be mentally prepared for the questions that will be asked during the hearings from the judge. These questions will be based upon your divorce case and the information you provided in the petition form to understand the case in detail. If the judge finds it suitable at the end of the hearing he will give you a final decree from the judge. This decree should be filed to the clerk's office for further documentation.

If you are still confused about the minute details for the filing of a divorce case then you can consult a Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles. also, you must understand that there will be various issues involved like child custody cases, alimony compensation, separation of assets and liabilities, and various others.

The multiple legal issues involved will require a professional suggestion or help so you need to reach out to the best Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles. The attorney can give you proper legal advice which will move your case in the right direction. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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