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Elmiron Lawsuit- Things you should know about before filing a case  

>> Jun 3, 2021

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In recent studies, many people have reported severe risk and damages after taking Elmiron.

Are you a victim of this medication? Are you suffering with vision loss? If yes, then do check whether it is caused by taking Elmiron or else.


As per the research, Elmiron is used to treat body pain and certain bladder disorders such as internal cystitis. It also acts as a blood thinner for patients that further increases bleeding gums or nose risk.


Besides, people are now diagnosed with vision problems and blindness due to dangerous chemicals present in the Elmiron medication. As such, the Elmiron lawsuit provides injured victims the opportunity to file a legal claim for Elmiron related injuries from the manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals, because they failed to inform patients about serious side effects.


What is an Elmiron Lawsuit?


In 2019 research, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and their doctors revealed the serious side effects present in Elmiron for its regular consumption. Regular intake brings severe toxins in the body.


Doctor Vora also said, unfortunate there are no medications for treating the chronic condition of internal cystitis. Therefore, many patients are switched to Elmiron, which have serious side effects by consuming it regularly.


This is why the Elmiron lawsuit exists and provides assistance to Elmiron victims. They sue the firm who failed to inform the patients of the serious damages. If you want to file a case, then hire the attorney today because the tenure of filing a case is limited.


Things You Should Know about Elmiron before filing the Case


The grounds of Elmiron lawsuit

The major claim against Elmiron is that the Manufacturer Company failed to warn of the side effects present in the drug. On the packaging, there is no list of Maculopathy. Hence, doctors are unaware along with patients.


Is this drug causing maculopathy?

There is evidence that six months of consumption of Elmiron causes pigmentary Maculopathy, an eye injury of the macula. This further causes permanent vision loss or blindness. In some cases, it causes difficulty in reading.


The common symptoms patient can feel are:

  • Hyper-pigmented spots on the retina
  • Yellow round lesions under the macula
  • Dark spots in the area of vision
  • Vision loss
  • Blur vision



What are the settlements?

The lawsuit can provide you greater financial settlements such as:

  • Pay off all medical bills
  • Pay for physical damage, future loss, and regular pain and suffering.


Well, no money can weigh the loss of physical disability. Vision problems can cause stress not just financially but also physically and emotionally.


Elmiron Side effects

  • Rashes
  • Headaches
  • Swelling
  • Liver issues
  • Acid reflux
  • Diarrhea


The worst thing about Elmiron medication is they have not mentioned details of side effects on the label. The company should inform the doctor first before marketing the drug. However, Elmiron lawsuits can help you get compensation over damages.


The patient who is taking Elmiron for a long time, he/she experiences serious illness to the eye such as Amblyopia, Nystagmus, pink eye, and retinal haemorrhage.


If you or your loved ones are the victims of Elmiron drug, then contact Elmiron lawyer today.

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