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Teachergive Sale 2023

3 Tips for Buying Your Toddler’s Shoes

>> May 31, 2022

When your little one starts walking, it is best to let them remain barefoot around the house. When they are outside or in public, however, it is necessary for them to have a good pair of shoes on - and it can be difficult for parents to determine how to buy the right shoes for their toddler. While it can be tempting to buy the cutest shoes available at your local baby clothing retailer, shoes for toddlers should be all about fit and function. It is important for people of all ages to invest in a pair of shoes that fit correctly, to avoid issues like bunions that would need to be corrected by northwestsurgerycenter.com

Since it might be difficult for toddlers to communicate with you about the fit of a particular pair of shoes, here are some tips for picking out their first pair of new shoes. 


1. Buy in Person, Not Online

While you might be tempted to purchase shoes for your little one online, it is best to make such an important purchase in person where you can measure your child’s feet and allow them to walk around in the shoes before you buy. Have a professional at the store measure your child’s feet, and be sure that they try on shoes while standing up, to get an accurate measurement for the fit. 

2. Account for Socks 

Even if your toddler hates wearing socks (as many do), it is important that they wear a pair with their new shoes to avoid blisters or irritation on their bare feet. With that said, it is important to remember to ensure that your child is wearing socks to the store to try on their new shoes, so that you can make sure the shoes will not be too tight on their feet once they are wearing socks on the go. 

3. Invest in High-Quality Material

The shoes you get for your child should be made of high-quality materials such as canvas or leather. Any shoes for toddlers are made out of rubber or plastic, which will cause discomfort when walking for even a short period of time. Be sure to stay away from styles like wedges or shoes with pointy toes - although these are trendy, they are not realistic for little ones who are still learning to walk, and need to have the most comfortable shoes possible. 

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