Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

3 Reasons to Install a Koi Pond

>> Dec 20, 2022

Looking to upgrade your outdoor living space? It might be time to build a koi pond! Koi ponds are one of the most beautiful, relaxing additions that you can add to your backyard. Keep reading to learn a few of the benefits that a koi pond installed by Hiner Outdoor Living can have for your yard. 


Stress Relieving Oasis

One of the biggest reasons to make renovations to your outdoor living space is to provide a peaceful, relaxing environment that can provide you and your loved ones an escape from the stress of everyday life; and what’s more relaxing than spending time by a large body of water? Spending time outdoors, admiring the flowing water inside of a pond or interacting with animals such as koi fish is shown to be a natural stress reliever and mood booster. Take a step away from the stress of everyday life and take some time to relax and enjoy nature by installing a koi pond in your outdoor space. 

Increase Your Home Value

Having any type of pond in your backyard automatically raises the resale value of your home, and this is especially true for ponds that are equipped to be suitable for koi pond. Koi ponds are a unique and endearing amenity that will set your home apart from others on the market should you ever decide to sell it, and can help your home sell faster in addition to allowing it to sell for a much higher price than it would otherwise. If you are wondering about the commitment of building a koi pond because you aren’t sure how much longer you will be living in your home, the increased value that a koi pond can provide might convince you. 

Low Maintenance Pets 

While many people might not think of koi fish as pets, they require just the same amount of care and affection as many tradition pets that can be found in one’s home. Once koi have adjusted to your pond, they are likely to spend more time near the water’s surface, attempting to interact with (and be fed by) you and your loved ones. Plus, young children love to spend time near koi ponds and are sure to find the feeding of large fish such as koi to be an extremely enjoyable activity, making the installation of a koi pond the perfect bonding opportunity for you and the little ones in your family. 

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