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How to Connect with Your Unborn Baby

>> Aug 20, 2009

In my previous post, I mentioned that parents can communicate with their pre-verbal child with applying baby sign language. How about your unborn child? Can parents connect with them? Scientific evidence shows that from the fifth month, the unborn baby in mom’s uterus is able to hear sound, be aware of motion and possibly exhibit short-term memory. Several studies also describe facts that the unborn baby can become familiar with mom’s and dad’s voices.
Since the unborn baby can hear, you can be early parents by connecting every day with your unborn baby in the womb. It should be done with you and your spouse together. Your unborn baby will get benefit greatly from regularly gentle and loving connection from you.
There are some connecting says that you can use:
We know you are there”,
“We know that you are having your own experience”,
“We know that you are affected by how we feel”,
“We are listening to you”
“We love you very much

Your unborn baby’s environment is most influenced by his/her mom. Everything mom feels, your unborn baby will feel too. That’s why it’s important for a mom to feel relaxed, supported and happy during her pregnancy. But in fact, it’s not easy to maintain happy feeling all the time. Stress, sadness, anger and other negative emotions can happen in our daily life. At these times, it’s important to connect with your unborn baby; tell her/him about what is happening. You should explain that your unborn baby didn’t cause it, it’s not his/her fault and it’s nothing to do with him/her.
You may say something like these:
Mom is processing some feelings right now and they aren’t about you”

If you and your spouse were just having an argument; you should connect to your unborn baby and say:
Mom and dad are having an argument and it’s not about you, not caused by you. We just want to work some stuff out together”

Even if mom has a very painful emotional upset during pregnancy, mom should keep the channel open to the unborn baby. By keeping the channel open, mom can bond to her unborn baby and this bond will help to offset any disturbances during pregnancy.

Not only mom cause she carries the baby inside her, dad is also very important. Baby need dad just as much, and after birth, baby will respond to dad’s voice; baby know who he is. Due to Dr. Wirth’s research, if the unborn baby in mom’s womb has been exposed to dad’s voice by dad's actively communicating; after birth, the baby will recognize dad’s voice and respond it. Dad’s role in connecting with the unborn baby, supporting and protecting mom during the pregnancy will create a wonderful bonding that can also contribute to a wonderful birth for mom.

There are many ways you can connect and bond with your unborn baby. Patting mom's stomach, singing, telling or reading stories, telling baby what you are doing or where you are going in your daily life, and dancing. One of the wonderful activities you can enjoy with your unborn baby is listening to music together. Studies have shown that babies love classical music, particularly Baroque.

Baby may respond by moving and kicking, and you can come to know what your baby’s different kinds of kicking mean; are they angry kicks, or excited kicks? Bagi Anda yang Muslim, alangkah baiknya jika Anda sedari dini memperdengarkan indahnya lantunan ayat suci Al Qur’an dengan banyak mengaji selama masa kehamilan atau mendengarkannya bersama bayi Anda.
Rewrite source: Bonding with Your Unborn Child by Karen Melton

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