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CC: What We are Thankful For

>> Nov 26, 2010

Is it important to be thankful? I’ll say,”Yes, of course!” I consider it as my way to look at the bright side of my life. Every time I feel hopeless, sad, and gloomy; I’ll start writing out things that I’m thankful for –as many as possible- and look at them every day for a while.

I’m thankful for the special people in my life:
My husbandHe’s my best friend. He gives me unconditional love and acceptance, and he always makes me feel like I’m a special woman. He also can cook, hehehe.

My parents and my father in-law
My mother and father give me wonderful childhood. My mother was my best friend. I always feel their love and support. My FIL treats me like her own daughter; thanks to you!

My brothersWhen we still lived in the same house, I feel that they always protect me. We are not only siblings; but also good friends. Now, after they have their own family, we seldom meet and gather together; but I always keep in touch with them via facebook and other communication way.
My brother and sister in-lawsIt’s especially for brother and sister in-laws in my husband’s side; as I meet them more often than my siblings. We are close each other. I’m also thankful because I have cute nieces and nephews.

My relatives and my friends
They all are people that care for me.

I’m thankful for God’s blessings:
Good health
Being able to earn extra money by blogging (at least to cover my own needs)
A happy marriage life
We’re not rich; but we can enjoy our simple life. We love our debt-free life!
Living in a modest but comfortable home and friendly neighborhood
Our dream car. It’s not a new one, but comfy enough for us.

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