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How to React to Your Child’s Tantrum

>> Nov 15, 2010

Perhaps every parent has ever faced child’s tantrum. It can happen anywhere, whether at the grocery or on an airplane. I’ll share here the tips that are written by Emily McBride. You can apply these tips to get your toddler develop into a more reasonable toddler.

A child throws tantrums in order to declare their independence. The trick is letting them feel their sense of independence while still getting them to behave well and follow the rules.

Realize that simply yelling “no” and stomping a foot is not a tantrum; it’s just testing the water. Don’t mistake this normal child behavior for a tantrum. Parents, here’s for your information: Tantrums are when the child gets out of control, whether physically or verbally.

Some characteristics of tantrums are pounding arms and legs on the floor, screaming, and getting red in the face. Not only temper-tantrums are unbearable and embarrassing in public, if you don’t get controlled your child from the beginning, he/she can lead to even bigger behavioral problems later.

How to respond properly? Here are some tips:

Ignore.Just ignore him or her (don't give any eye contact); but you should make sure that your child doesn’t hurt herself/himself. In many cases, once your child realizes that he is not getting any attention from his tantrum, he will stop. Most probably, the more agitated you get about their tantrum (yelling, begging, or getting emotional); your child will also get more agitated.

Trying to physically hold them still work not either, and usually results just in more struggle. Don’t worsen the situation. Obviously, if you are in a public place that needs to be quiet, this might not work. You might need to take your child out and away before you can start ignoring him.

Reward positive behavior.Studies have shown that gratifying positive behavior is actually persuades better behavior than punishing for negative. Praise your child when he/she is behaving well. When your child calms down after a tantrum, stop ignoring them and acknowledge them with a respect.

Start now.If you’ve been applying the tips and your toddler is still throwing tantrums, that’s okay. Ignore your child’s next tantrum. It will probably shock your child at first, but sooner or later they will realize that you aren’t going to respond to their tantrums anymore, and they’ll find another (hopefully better) way to get your attention.

When the right time to get expert help.Sometimes, tantrums are a sign of bigger problems. If your child is throwing multiple tantrums a day, or getting injured or injuring others through the tantrums, consult to your doctor.

Pick your ‘battles’ wisely.
As parent, you aren’t going to win every argument and tantrum. Every child is different; so, different techniques work best for different children. Be patient, this period of childhood won’t last too long.

Well parents, I hope these tips can help you to respond your child’s tantrum in a better way…

Rewrite source: family.tips.net
Image source:ucgmikebennett.wordpress.com

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