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A Busy Bee?

>> Jan 8, 2011

I saw this kind of bee or fly on my SIL’s Spatiphyllum flower. Is it a bee or a fly or other kind of insect?

If it's a bee, I don’t know much about bee species, as there are nearly 20,000 known species of bees in the world. Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants.

Bees are famous for their role in pollinating blossoming plants and for producing honey and beeswax. You can find bees on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat on the planet that contains insect-pollinated flowering plants. In fact, bees are the major type of pollinator in ecosystem that contains flowering plants.

A friend, Gunsirit, informed me that it's more similar with a fly, a blood sucking fly. Too scary for me!
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