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Couple’s Corner : We Promise

>> Jan 27, 2011

Keeping marriage happy and harmonic needs efforts from both husband and wife. Since the topic of this week is about what we could promise to keep our marriage; I’ll mention first a little about promise. It’s said that a promise is your word to someone else. The promise is important and not to be taken lightly. Don’t say “I promise” if you aren’t sure and there’s still a doubt in your mind. Other people will appreciate and trust you more if you always keep your promises.

But when it comes to promises in our marriage, it’s only between me and my hubby. I agree with the saying: Marriage is a promise of love and a commitment to life. In a marriage, two people are trying to reach equal physical and emotional relationship, and it’s promised for a lifetime.

Well, to keep our marriage happy, we’ll try to do these: better open communication, keep the faith, love, trust and romantic between us, and do better ways to solve any problem. We still don’t have a child, and I know that it can cause a broken marriage. But we’ve promised that it won’t break our marriage, as we always keep our love together.

We believe that every marriage has its own path of life. Only God knows the right time for us to have a child. Sorry for writing here, but I always have this bad mood every time I’m getting older. Birthday isn’t a happy moment for me. I still can’t stop the negative feeling that the older I become, the harder for me to get my dream.

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