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When Should I Buy a Cell Phone To My Child

>> Nov 5, 2013

Every parent has the right to choose the perfect timing to introduce their child to the world of cyberspace and mobile technology. When is the child old enough to buy them a cell phone? This is a question, which sometimes is too tricky to answer to. 
Because, we must confess that sometimes our desire to give our children everything according to our own possibilities, we buy them gifts such as smartphones or tablets, which however, may happen to be not quite necessary. 


Undoubtedly, our children may become literally technological geniuses if they are given a cell phone, a tablet or another device. That is exactly the reason why most parents do not take such “educational” practices as a problem but as a serious advantage when it comes to knowledge and skills. However, many parents don't even think of the consequences that may happen, such as sight problems, scoliosis due to poor body posture.

So, which is the perfect timing when you should buy a cell phone to your child? The answer is not simple at all, because such a choice depends on many factors. In addition, there is great variety of cell phones for children on the market. Such cell phones are complied with the financial capacity, age groups and interests of children, which makes us a great choice when it comes to finding the best solution to the problem.

There is hardly anyone who would argue that it is not necessary to buy a cell phone to a four- or five-year old kid, who is not even able to read properly. That is why we are going directly to:

·         First and second grade

This is the age when children usually start demonstrating to their coevals how old, self-sufficient and independent they are. That is exactly why they think they need a cell phone. Moreover, if we have to be honest, buying an appropriate cell phone to your seven-year-old child will also give you the opportunity to contact them every time you need to do that.

Of course, try not to overdo it with the cell phone's model. The appearance of the cell phone turns out to be quite important to the children themselves. On the other hand, a good idea is to choose a cell phone that is simple enough in order to make it easy to use. Not to mention the risk of losing the device, which is a lot more serious when children are younger.

·         Children from nine to twelve

Thing are getting serious in this age group. It is quite clear that a simple and cheap cell phone won't do it. Children at this age are more focused on the games that their cell phone provides them with, as well as the opportunities of uploading audio files. Of course, you should make sure there are not too many games on the cell phone. Otherwise, the child will be too focused on them, and not in the school process.

·         Teenagers

When it comes to buying a cell phone to your teenage kid, nobody will ask you for your personal opinion. The cell phone model will be chosen after long hours spent on the computer, reviewing hundreds of cell phones and smartphones. Remember that such a phone will be used mostly for listening to music and taking pictures. So, buy one with a great camera and a memory card that is large enough to take all the audio files that are to be uploaded. Also, do not forget to restrict the applications and programs used by the child. Do not impose your own opinion, make co-decisions that will prevent further problems.

Author Bio: Jessica has a lot of experience to share about parenting. She works as a professional cleaner at
http://www.shinylondon.co.uk/house-cleaners-maida-vale-w9/  and loves her job.

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roffe November 7, 2013 at 12:24 AM  

These days, kids are begging their parents for a cell phone. Whether they should have one or not is the parents job to decide.

These days, cell phones are a status symbol. Kids with the newest technology and the best games are seen as “popular” and “cool.” Your child might be trying to earn points with neat technology. But is that the purpose of a cell phone? The No. 1 reason kids get a cell phone is to stay in communication with their parents.

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