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Craft Ideas for the Festive Season

>> Jan 8, 2015

The holidays are a great opportunity to really connect with your kids: you don’t have to go to work and they don’t have to go to school, so you have plenty of time available to spend together. But in order to make the most of your free days, it’s always a good idea to make some plans in advance and decide which activities for kids you’d like to do over the holidays, so you don’t end up sitting around and getting frustrated.

You might already know what you’re going to do with your kids over the holidays, but if you still need some inspiration, arts and crafts are activities you can easily do at home, and just as easily give a festive twist. Why not keep yourself and your kids occupied with a festive arts and crafts project ? We’ve put together two festive projects that you can work on together here, and there are plenty of places you can find further inspiration on activities for kids online.

A DIY 2015 Calendar

If you’ve got enough time, why not work on a do-it-yourself calendar for 2015? All you need is a blank calendar (you can order one online, or simply head to the nearest stationary or arts & crafts store), some pretty collage paper, lots of photographs, coloured pens, glue, scissors, and whatever additional crafty ingredients your heart’s desire – such as sequins or stickers, for example.

  • First, sit down together and make a plan. Which pictures go with which month? Are there any phrases or stories you want to write down? And which colours are best suited for the different seasons?
  • After you’ve got a solid plan, all you have to do is get started. Don’t be shy – experiment with different techniques, such as ripping the paper or cutting it, and place everything the way you would like it on the page to see how it will turn out before you get gluing.
  • If you and your kids are happy with the result and ready to commit, apply glue and stick on the pictures, paper, and any decorations.
  • Finally, write the month chosen on the page and any important dates – and then repeat the same procedure 11 more times. This is a fun and very useful project to work on over the holidays, and will certainly keep your family occupied for quite a while.

Make a New Year’s Resolutions Collage

The holidays are also a great time to reflect on your plans for the next year with relevant activities for kids. And what better way of doing that than expressing yourself through art?

  • Get a big sheet of white paper and let your kids paint it using watercolours. Write something like “Our New Year’s Resolutions” in big, beautiful letters at the top of the sheet.
  • Next, you will need smaller coloured sheets of paper for both yourself and your kids. Everyone can express their plans, hopes, and resolutions for the New Year on their personal sheet. Pictures are great, drawings are even better – but it’s always great to have at least a few words about every resolution too.
  • Spend some time working individually on your resolution sheets, and then take the time to look at each other’s resolutions and talk them through with your kids. It’s great to draw boxes next to each resolution too, so you can tick them off at the end of next year if you’ve succeeded.
  • Stick all the sheets to the big poster, do some more decorating, and find a good place to hang it up so you can always see it during the year – maybe somewhere in the kitchen? This is a fun and easy way to introduce kids to New Year’s resolutions and encourage them to think ahead.

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