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Do You Have Hypertension Risk?

>> Jan 2, 2015

For this blog, it's my first post in 2015. Happy New Year to all blogger friends. Hope for great health, happiness, and prosperity along 2015!

The AirAsia QZ8501 tragedy ended 2014 in sadness. It's a big loss for every passenger's family. Pray to all victims and biggest sympathies to related families. We get support from different countries - thanks for this!

90% of the hypertension complaints can be cured without drugs, quite simply by changing your lifestyle. So, in fact hypertension or high blood pressure is not a disease to be feared, but this only applies if hypertension is known from the earlier stage. Unfortunately, since it may come quietly and without obvious symptoms, hypertension is often neglected.

As hypertension may come and silently weaken your health, if you don’t remember when the last time checking your blood pressure, immediately check your blood pressure. Early detection is crucial; therefore you also need to know how much your hypertension risk.
Some things you need to consider:
1.Family History
Check out your near family, whether there is a father-mother, grandparents, aunts or uncles other brothers who have high blood pressure? If there is, you are also at risk of suffering from the same disease. If one parent suffers from hypertension, 25 percent of children at risk. If both parents suffer from hypertension, the risk of children gets hypertension up to 60 percent.

2. Excessive Weight
Is your weight is much heavier than ideal? You should be more careful, because it is known that 60 percent of people with hypertension are people who are overweight (obese).

To find out whether you are overweight or not, try this simple formula.
Divide your weight (in kilograms) by the square of height (in meters).

The formula = weight (kg): (height m)²
Results> 25: overweight (obesity), 23-24.5 results: pre obesity.

Why obesity negatively affect blood pressure? Too much fat in the body causes the body needs more oxygen. In order to meet the growing needs of the oxygen, the heart has to work harder. 5.5 kg weight loss resulted in a decrease in diastolic blood pressure of 10 mmHg.

3. Are you a fan of canned foods, salty foods, and instant food? If you have long and often eat food like this, immediately check blood pressure. Which became the source of the problem is that a lot of natrium contained in salt, canned food (sardines, corned beef), and other foods that have been mentioned.

The salt itself contains natrium of up to 40%. You need to know if the natrium bond doesn’t just exist in the salt, but can also be found in other materials such as MSG (natrium glutamate), preservative (natrium benzoate), and baking soda.

When consuming natrium-rich foods, your body will store a lot of water. As a result, the volume of blood increases and this condition makes the heart must work harder to pump blood, so blood pressure will be elevated.

There is another theory. High consumption of natrium will erode the walls of blood vessels. These fragments will fill up the blood vessels and it may cause blockages. The result: an increase in blood pressure.

4. Often feeling stress, restlessness, anxiety, irritability.
Have you often suffered emotional conditions above? There were over 20 years of research results conducted on 1,123 people that claimed that they were experiencing severe restlessness, anxiety, and irritability will be over twice the risk of suffering from hypertension. This negative emotion condition may trigger hypertension but not a typical symptom.

5. Often smoking.
Heavy smokers have a greater risk of hypertension. Nicotine in cigarette smoke damages the walls of the arteries and narrowing blood vessels, which in turn makes hardened the heart work. Carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke fills up the blood; it makes oxygen-poor blood. The lack of oxygen in blood makes your heart has to work harder in order to supply more oxygen to all body tissues.

So, what about your hypertension risk level? If you are including a high-risk group, although hypertension hasn’t yet come to you, it would be better to soon perform healthier lifestyle and do regular blood pressure checks.

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