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How to Choose and Care Original Jersey

>> Feb 13, 2015

Are you a sport fan? For the supporters or sport fans, it’s not complete if at any watching together event, they don’t wear jersey of their favorite national team or club. Anyway, wearing jersey has become one of the much preferred fashion styles. Jersey is not only hunt by many sport fans, but women and men who don’t like sport also seek and use them in non-formal occasions.
image: lifestyle.kontan.co.id
Indonesia national team jersey
If you have planned to buy a quality jersey, keep in mind that the original jersey will make the wearer feel comfortable because it is made of good quality materials. For original jersey, price per piece isn't cheap. Unfortunately, there are always producers that use the moment to get bigger profit by producing jersey unoriginal with using less good material, but selling them at high prices.

For those of you who really want to look for high-quality jersey, don’t be fooled into buying fake one. The following characteristics of original apparel can be your guide in choosing and buying original jersey (
data source: Radar Bogor):

Generally made of polyester fiber which is more subtle, comfortable to wear, soft on the skin, and can absorb sweat.
2.Production code.
The production codes of Nike and Adidas apparel can be different. For example, Nike apparel production code can be seen in the bottom left of the jersey. You can see a hologram in Nike logo.
3.Apparel logo
Logo and serial number of the jersey can be seen also behind the washing tag in the jersey.
4.Packing / polybag
On polybag of original apparel also found emblem of the jersey.
As already mentioned above, there’s no original jersey offered at low price.

Because the price isn’t cheap, you should treat jersey with good quality so that can last a long time. Here's how to care of original jersey:
-Avoid long soaking in detergent solution
Try not to immerse more than 30 minutes. Excess detergent can result in screen printing on shirts quickly broken or chipped.
-Separately wash
When washing, it would be better to separate your jersey shirt with another outfit, especially clothes with strong colors such as blue, red, and black.
-Don’t brush jersey
To keep the fabric texture, don’t need to brush soft textured jersey.
-Dry in reverse side
Excessive sunlight can lead to color fading of shirts and screen printing. Therefore at the time of drying, make sure the printed part inside and the inner part outside.
-Don’t dry using a hanger
A hanger may cause stretchy jersey neck; due to jersey material can’t hold the load of the water in a wet shirt.
-Don’t bleach
Printed shirts should not be washed with bleach or detergents containing bleach. The chemical reaction of bleach can be easily peeled off the printing. In addition, t-shirts can also be faster thin and rough.
-Wash by hand
Jersey shouldn’t be washed with washing machine. Suggested to manually wash only, use your hands.
When ironing the jersey, set up the hot key on the medium level and avoid ironing the printing section on the shirt straightly. You may apply the base fabric used in it or iron the inner side.
-Stain cleaning
Once the stain occurs, wash immediately the stained spot. Apply shampoo or detergent on the stain, rub gently with hands and rinse with clean water.

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