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Teachergive Sale 2023

The Story behind My Watches

>> Feb 7, 2015

A watch is a kind of accessory that people wear for getting some possible functions. A piece of wrist watch can help to show the correct time, decorate one’s hand, and even functioned as a sentimental value keeper. For some people, a watch is also a symbol to state their social status and life achievement.
My watches with sentimental values
Time is priceless as we can’t turn it back. For me, a watch offers easiest way to know the real time.  Therefore until now, every time leaving home, I always wearing a wrist watch. This habit started since I was a junior high school student and it’s already becoming a continuous habit. I ever forgot to wear my watch one day; it made me discomfort to see my plain wrist though my mobile phone can also show the time. It’s obvious that the presence of mobile phone can’t stop my wearing-watch habit!

My current watch
Bracelets are my most favorite type of accessories. I think it’s also a reason why I like wearing a watch. For fashion purpose, I don’t mind buying cheap trendy watches that commonly only last for a year. When they are broken, I’ll throw them away. 

But I have two memorable watches that I save as keepsakes. I ever wore those for more than ten years. They accompanied my high school and college times. Both were gifts from my late father and I’ll keep them forever.  Seeing them always reminds me to my dearest father!

My chic watches may come and go but I’ll keep ones with sentimental values. The watch that I most often wear now is also a gift; this time came from my sister in law. The funny thing is; all of my watch gifts origin from the same Japanese brand. Moreover, they all were not a birthday gift. 

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