Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Choose Kids Friendly Furniture

>> Mar 26, 2015

To choose kids furniture you have to make a list of the number of items you are going to buy. The size of the room, space available, the space that has to be left in the centre of the room for the kid to run around, all needs to be taken into account.

Plan the look you would like to give to the room before deciding on the furniture. Children like vibrant colours, a cheerful atmosphere, and user friendly furniture. Buying something very expensive and not allowing the child to use it would make no sense. So a practical approach would be meaningful.

Firstly look for hardy surfaces as this can take abuse like spills and scratches. While choosing a sofa you can opt for leather finish as this is spill resistant and does not rip very easily. Sensuede is a man-made fabric made from recycled fibres. So this is easy to clean, and comfortable. While selecting the flooring a wooden floor will not be practical, as this can be easily spoiled by running of toy - cars, cycle, car tyres, falling of toys etc. A wall to wall carpet would be appropriate as this will also save the children from getting injured when they fall down.

Care should be taken while selecting a cot for the child. It is always preferable to get a new cot, but if borrowing or buying second hand cot first ensure that no nuts, bolts or screws are protruding as this will hurt the child. Also care should be taken that the cot is sturdy, the support and brackets are fitted securely. In case the child is less than 12 months of age then the distance between two bars should be less than 45-64mm so the baby cannot fit their head through. The cot’s mattress should be firm and fit snugly. The cots sides should be fitted with bars so that the child does not fall off at the same time ample space has to be maintained between two bars, as air circulation should not be cut off. One can think out of the box and design the cot like a car or train.

If you are using the common dining table for the child then a chair with higher height has to be bought to enable the child to reach the plate on the table. The chair should have a lock so that the child does not fall off the chair.

In case of a school going child a table and chair with a cupboard in pleasing colour is needed. The table should be snugly fitted near the wall. Cupboards can be used for keeping the books and school bags, and can be fitted lowly on the wall to save the child from getting hurt. In addition there can be another cupboard near the cot for the clothes. Even these can be designed like Donald Duck or some other animal/bird.

The chair can be either in a vibrant colour or colourful blocks can be used. Furniture preferably should be placed near the wall. This gives moving space in the room and protects the children from getting hurt while running or playing. Fewer accidents are likely if the furniture has round edges. You can buy beautiful furniture pieces from any of the nearby store. For ideas you can visit online stores like Cosh Outdoor Furniture, where you can find unique furniture designs.

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