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Teachergive Sale 2023

The Importance of Character Education in Children

>> Mar 3, 2015

Character education is crucial for any child so that he grows into someone with good character and good moral values. We can see a variety of moral disease occurs everywhere recently. Children do need character education earlier!

Child's good moral character can’t be bought or inherited. Child's good character should be built through a long process. Moreover, children are the future generation who will take current leadership. Therefore it is necessary to educate children as soon as possible in order to create a children generation who are smart, intelligent, good morals, and able to compete at the regional and international levels.

How to build child’s good character from home:
1. Establish a positive belief in children from an early age by giving credence to the child to make decisions for themselves, as well as directing the child to develop their talents and potential. Don’t pressure your child, either smooth or rough way.
2. Allowing the child to interact with other people or socialize. Environmental choices will determine the character of the child; therefore you need to establish and maintain a good environment that is conducive for your child. As you know, hanging out with the bad characters will make the child in bad character, and if your child gets along with good people, the child will grow well in good characters too.
3. Allowing the child to build spiritual relationship with God. This is useful for installing good values ​​for your child.  The spiritual connection can be run in worship rituals and daily social life.

As a parent, we should strive to educate children well by instilling good character  education in order to make the children who useful for their family, parent, and country.

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