Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

The Tanoto Foundation Supports Japanese Charities

>> Mar 6, 2015

In Japan, there are many needs for nonprofits like the Sukanto Tanoto Foundation.  This foundation and its cohorts have been aiding the many Japanese who are struggling every single year. The lesson that can be learned from a foundation like this is that many of the wealthiest in the world can start their own foundations to give their money away properly. This is a much more efficient use of resources, and the donors can get in touch with many more people.
Sukanto Tanoto Foundation
The Design

The design of these foundations comes with the seed money from the person who is giving. The philanthropist who has their name on all the letterheads is going to front the money to start a campaign through this charity. They will offer enough cash to make sure that the charity can function properly. The charity will begin to operate, and they will take requests from locals who are in need of these monies.

The Requests

These foundations can strategically give money to many different causes throughout their local area. These foundations can reach of to people who make local requests, but they can also offer grants to those who are not local to their operations. They can accept grant requests from many different places, and they will honor these requests as they are able. The money is distributed properly to many people in many different parts of the world, and that money is going to make it much easier for the nonprofits around the area to thrive.
Sukanto Tanoto
Sukanto Tanoto

The Savings

When wealthy business people are giving away their money without thinking, they are not recording what happens to that money. They have no idea if it made a different, and they are not sure if they should give more when that money runs out. Using a foundation of this type will allow the donors to see which monies were used properly. They can give more monies to those who need it, but they can withhold funds from those who are no longer in need. The days of the private businessperson giving away large sums of money without a foundation have long since passed.

Everyone can learn a lesson from the way these foundations are created. They are designed to give more power to the donors who front all the cash. They can send the money right where it need to go, and those in need will be able to apply for assistance easily.

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