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How To Handle Custody & Visitation During the Divorce Process in California?

>> Nov 26, 2020


A divorce case where children are involved has very much complexities involved. At the time of dealing in a Divorce the complexities will grow deeper as child custody will come into action. You will have to understand various processes and documentation for filing child custody. Numerous rights need to be known and decisions to be taken. All these will require planning from your side.

If you don't want to go in the wrong direction then you must reach out for help to a divorce law attorney in Houston. The attorney will start with assessing the case and step by step understanding the major points of the case. Then each point will be made in from of you so that you can make the right decision. All this procedure will require a lot of thinking to be done.

Here is the process for child visitation and parenting during a divorce case, read the process, and understand in detail to avoid any mistakes in the future.

Temporary Custody

The divorce case can go on for a long time and hence you must understand that during the divorce case some things need to be preplanned. When you discuss the rights of child custody you must understand that during the divorce case where the child will be and who will hold its considered custody during the divorce case. So at that time, the child will be held in temporary custody.

It is really important to have temporary child custody to maintain a proper schedule and avoid conflicts. If you don't get a proper ruling from the court to have temporary child custody then there may be chances that you have to, again and again, make the schedule of child custody and parenting. It will be too cumbersome a process and you will not be able to go smoothly with the divorce case.

While moving through the temporary child custody you will have to understand that this structure will not be permanent and it will change in the future hence you should be adaptable to it. You should not be conflicting during this structure as the child will be impacted.

Process for Temporary Child Custody

First of all, you will need to work out that while the temperature in custody is required by the parents and then you will need to prepare a petition in which you have to explain what are the points involved in the temporary custody case. All these points will be taken in detail by the court so you need to understand the aspects of each of these points and you must be able to explain these points if asked by the judge.

The best time to file for temporary childhood custody is as soon as you file for the divorce case as the child's temporary child custody will take a long time and that much time cannot be wasted. Hence you need to complete the process immediately. Also if you want to complete the process as soon as possible then reach out to a family law attorney in Houston and understand how to complete the process faster.

The Basis for Temporary Child Custody

Whenever you file for child custody in that case you need to pre-plan the schedule for the child custody to be given to the court. The preplanned schedule will be taken into the consideration by the court and this schedule will be applicable in the future or the court may give you an alternative schedule by adding some changes. Whatever the case may be the schedule will be in your best possible favor.

If you don’t think that the temporary child custody structure is not up to you then you can revisit the parenting plan and go to the court to get some changes done. It will be again a process which may take some time and you need to file some documentation for this then it is up to your choice what is according to your convenience.

The major aim of the structure of parenting for a temporary child custody case in the interest of the child. If you are just working upon your schedule and accordingly scheduling the child parenting in visitation custody then the court may not grant it. Hence you must understand the basic parameters on which a child custody case will be holding it temporarily. Be sure that you are doing the right thing for your child and not which is for your best interest.


Before going through the planning of the structure of child custody cases you must understand that there are some legalities involved. A family law attorney in Houston is the right person who will make you understand what are the rights of a parent to structure temporary child custody. Also, the lawyer will help you get the documentation and understand the process for the temporary child custody case. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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