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Decluttering Strategies for a More Organized Home

>> Mar 28, 2023


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Does your home feel cluttered and chaotic? Do you feel like you’re constantly surrounded by mess, no matter how much time you spend tidying up? If so, it may be time to take a more proactive approach to decluttering. We’re here to share some strategies for getting your space back in order and creating an environment that is pleasant and organized.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

When it comes to decluttering, many people try to tackle too much at once. This can be overwhelming and often leads to burnout before the project is completed. However, it’s good to remember that this is not a competition. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Start small by focusing on one area of the house at a time.

If you’ve got a pile of books, start there; if it’s clothes, begin with one closet or dresser drawer; if it’s knick-knacks in the living room, start with one shelf or table surface. Once these small tasks are complete, move on to larger areas until your entire home is decluttered.

Another wonderful idea to try is setting some goals and prioritizing tasks. Why not make a list of all the areas in your home that need cleaning up and then divide them into different categories such as “quick wins,” “medium-term projects,” or “long-term goals.” This will help you stay motivated by breaking down your tasks into manageable chunks while still providing an overall goal to work towards.

The One-Year Rule

It is as simple as it gets: Anything you haven’t used in over a year should be considered for removal from your home. Of course, this rule needs to be flexible depending on the item – for example, seasonal clothing can stay even if it hasn’t been worn in over a year – but generally speaking, if something has gone unused for 12 months, then chances are it will continue going unused unless you make an effort to use it regularly.

Get rid of items that don’t hold sentimental value or fit into any current hobbies or interests. They are taking up valuable space in your house that could be filled with items that bring you joy instead! Why not…

Donate or Recycle Unused Items

Instead of throwing unused items away, why not try to donate them or recycle them? Donating is a great way to help those in need while decluttering your home. Look into local charities that accept donations of clothing, books, furniture, toys, and more.

If donating isn’t an option for certain items (or if they’re in too poor a condition to be given), look into responsible recycling options. Many towns and cities offer drop-off centers where you can take items such as electronics, furniture, appliances, and more for safe disposal.

Organize What You Keep

Getting rid of unused items is only half the battle. The other half is organizing what you choose to keep and creating an effective storage system. This means everything needs to have a dedicated place that’s easy to remember and access whenever needed. Baskets, wall-mounted racks, and stackable containers are great tools for keeping your items off the floor.

Remember to also label items stored in bins, boxes, or drawers, so you know what’s inside without having to open each one. This will save you time and energy when finding your stuff and ensuring everything has a place in your home.

Properly Store Your Valuables

Own a jewelry organizer so that all your jewelry is kept in one place and doesn’t get lost or tangled. Create a filing system for significant paperwork and documents, such as birth certificates and passports, and store it in a designated spot, such as a credenza or bookshelf. Or you can invest in a quality safe to store expensive items, such as electronics or collectibles.

For smaller items like keys and loose change, put them in a trinket bowl or a jar that you can place near the entryway so they’re easy to find. This will make it easier for you to keep things tidy and orderly.

Cables, Cables, Cables

Let's face it. In this day and age, we can't live without most of our electronic gadgets and devices. And with them comes a plethora of cords, cables, and wires. Proper cable management is an essential aspect of decluttering your living space, as it not only improves your home aesthetics but also reduces the risk of tripping hazards and promotes a safer environment.

Invest in cable ties, organizers, or holders, and make sure all your cables and wires are neatly tucked away for easy access when needed.

Create A Maintenance Plan

The key to a clutter-free home is regular upkeep. It's never a one-time thing! Once you’ve decluttered, it’s important to create an ongoing maintenance plan and stick to it if you want to continue living in a clean, organized space. Set aside time each week for tidying up, such as 10 minutes daily or 20 minutes on the weekend. This will help keep the clutter from creeping back in and ensure the environment stays peaceful and stress-free.

One Last Tip: Ask for Help

Decluttering a home can be a daunting task, but it’s definitely not something that has to be done alone. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member for help, as two sets of hands are always better than one! Plus, having someone around can make the process more enjoyable and take some pressure off you. You can even consider it as quality bonding time with the people you love. Just how efficient and fun is that?

Wrapping Up

Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be a laborious process. And just because we can, we're bringing up this saying once again: Rome wasn't built in a day! (Write that down!) Start small, work your way up, and don’t hesitate to ask for help. With these strategies in hand, you’ll soon have a home that is both functional and calming – a true haven away from the chaos of everyday life!

What are your thoughts on these tips and tricks for keeping your home organized? Got any effective strategies of your own? We'd love to hear about them in the comments section!

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