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Staying Connected: Visiting a Loved One in Hospice

>> Mar 12, 2023


Loved one in hospice care

It’s an incredibly difficult time when a loved one is in hospice care. While there may be miles between you and your cherished family member or friend, it doesn't mean that the connection you once had needs to come to an end. Visiting your loved one at the hospice can be an opportunity for comfort and solace during a very tough period of life. Read on for some helpful tips on how best to stay connected with your family member or friend who is receiving personalized medical care from skilled professionals.

  • Plan your visit

It pays to plan to ensure a comfortable visit for everyone involved. Remind yourself that no two visits are the same and no amount of planning will help you predict exactly how things will go, but it's best not to surprise your loved one or their nurses when you arrive. Talk with them beforehand about any safety guidelines, visiting times that work best for both of you, and what your loved one needs from the visit. That way, you can use your time together for meaningful conversations instead of trying to figure out the details.

  • Speak in a calm voice

Visiting a loved one in hospice can take you on an emotional rollercoaster, and when it's time to talk to them it helps to keep a calm, comforting voice. Doing so is not only important for providing comfort to the person you are visiting, but also it can help create a sense of peace in the hospice environment itself. Speaking in a gentle and casual tone will show your compassion and reverence for the situation at hand, allowing you and your loved one to have meaningful conversations that don't distract from the calming atmosphere of their care facility.

  • Talk about fond memories

Despite the uncomfortable setting and painful reality of what is happening, many have found solace in sharing stories and laughter with their loved ones in hospice care. It allows both of you to take a break from the hardship, however temporarily, to focus on looking back and cherishing these moments that might otherwise be taken for granted. Even though some of these visits are heartbreakingly brief, they are ones that remain with you for life.

  • Be mindful of the time

Visiting a loved one in hospice can be a hard and emotional experience, so it's important to be mindful of the time. Depending on how your loved one is feeling, it might not make sense to stay too long. If they seem tired or overwhelmed, ending your visit will allow them some much-needed rest. If possible, checking in with the staff at the hospice to get an understanding of their condition, as well as what activity is suitable for your visit, can help you make the most out of the time you spend together. When visiting the hospice, remember that kindness and respect from all parties are essential for creating a positive atmosphere.

  • Don’t make promises about the next visit

When visiting your loved one in hospice care, it is important to not make promises about the timing of the next visit. Despite our best intentions, we don't know what the future holds in store for us and the patient in our care. Rather than creating expectations out of our control, focus on being in the moment with your patient by honoring their wishes in each sitting. Remember that every visit matters as your presence can be a source of great comfort. In-home hospice care is also a great option you can look into if you want to be with your loved one more often.

  • Avoid certain topics

Visiting a loved one who is in hospice can be an emotional experience and it's important to keep the focus of your visit on the person receiving care. Avoid topics like medical information, long-term care planning, memorial services, and other end-of-life preparations as those are best discussed another time or with the healthcare team. Instead, focus on being present with your loved one and make sure to provide an engaging environment that is soothing, uplifting, comfortable, and calming. Spend quality time talking about memories or any favorite topics that carry special meaning for both of you. Make moments special by bringing pictures from home or playing music. And lastly, remember to bring comfort to yourself too; take the time you need when expressing your emotions during the visit.

Visiting a loved one in hospice is not always an easy thing, but it’s important to remember that it can be incredibly meaningful and special. No matter the relationship between you and your family member or friend—whether it’s close or distant—take some time out of your day to show them that you care deeply about them and are there to support them during this difficult journey. Giving someone in hospice love, comfort, and companionship can help improve their spirit and make them feel appreciated. And although the moment might be sad, try to cherish the remaining moments with your loved one by expressing how blessed you are for these final times together. After all, whether it is big or small, every little gesture counts when someone is facing such a heartbreaking experience.

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