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Conscience = God-Spot ?

>> Sep 15, 2009

In just a few more days, Muslims in the world will celebrate Idul Fitri 1430 H. Having done fasting a whole month, Muslims hope to be able to be ‘fitrah’ again. Celebrating this holy day inspires me to write a little bit on relationship between human and The Most Great, God.

First, I’ll ask you to answer several questions below with your conscience:

  • When you’re eating at a place on the side of the road, suddenly a little girl stands up in front of you and she’s starring at the food that you hold on. What is your appeared conscience to the girl at that time?
    Your conscience will answer: I want to give the food to her.

  • You are in a clean room with the glow marble floor. There’s a man passing by and throws a used cigarette to the clean floor. What is your appeared conscience?Your conscience will answer: I want to keep clean the room, so I’ll take and throw the used cigarette into a wastebasket.
People around the world will have the same conscience’s answers. Whether they are poor, wealthy, and different in race, religion and nationality; they will feel the same conscience, if they are in ‘fitrah’ condition. So, it means that human actually have the same conscience or we can say that conscience is basically universal. This is called God-Spot or fitrah.

The scientific proof about God-Spot was stated by V.S. Ramachandran, a neurologist. With the team of California University, they found the existence of God-Spot in human brain. God-Spot is a built-in spiritual center that located between human nerve and brain tissues. Whatever consciences are there in God-Spot? A scientific knowledge still can’t identify and answer this question.

Menurut Al Qur’an, sebelum bumi dan manusia diciptakan, ruh manusia telah mengadakan perjanjian dengan Sang Pencipta :
Allah bertanya kepada jiwa manusia, “Bukankah Aku Tuhanmu?”
Ruh manusia menjawab, “ Ya, kami bersaksi…!” (QS. Al A’raf ayat 172).
Bukti adanya perjanjian ini ialah adanya fitrah iman di dalam jiwa manusia – adanya suara hati manusia. Suara hati adalah suara Tuhan di dalam jiwa manusia.
Jika dibandingkan dengan literatur barat yang menjelaskan tentang kecerdasan emosi, maka dapat diketahui dan dirasakan bahwa 99 sifat-sifat Allah SWT yang terdapat dalam Al Qur’an merupakan sumber dari segala suara hati manusia. Untuk Sobat Muslim, ada cara untuk ‘menemukan’ suara hati: bacalah 99 sifat Allah secara perlahan dengan hati terdalam dan temukan getarannya pada lubuk hati Anda. Apabila Anda belum bisa merasakannya, berhentilah, tarik nafas dalam-dalam, dan ulangi lagi…

Conscience is God’s saying that recorded in human’s soul. If a man wants to do a bad thing, his conscience will forbid him for doing it, because God don’t like a bad deed. If the man still does the bad thing, his conscience will give advice; and it usually ends up with regret. Regret is a ‘coming back sign’ to God.

But sometimes conscience can be closed and blind. There are seven factors that may close and fetter someone’s God-Spot, so that this man will have low emotional intelligence and can’t hear the guiding conscience. We can hear our conscience clearly if we are free from : negative prejudices, misleading life principles, experiences that influence mind, egoism in priority and interest, subjective comparisons, narrow point of views and misleading literatures.

Take time to THINK. It is the source of power.
Take time to READ. It is the foundation of wisdom.
Take time to QUIET. It is the opportunity to seek God.
Take time to DREAM. It is the future made of.
Take time to PRAY. It is the greatest power on earth
-Author unknown-
Rewrite source : ESQ by Ary Ginanjar Agustian and google

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