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Watch Out for the Danger Signs in Your Marriage!

>> Sep 28, 2009

When we say,” I do” on our wedding day, of course, we’re dreaming of living in a happy marriage life; but sometimes life doesn’t go on as we want it to be, right? We all know that marriage life has its ups and downs; but how if you begin to feel: there’s something wrong, there’s something hurts you or there’s something that makes you uncomfortable, and you don’t know what exactly it is...

A broken marriage may start from a problem that let unsolved for along time. You can’t ignore any problem. No matter what small a problem is, it can be the discomfort source in your relationship. Moreover, it can lead to negative thinking such as a desire to divorce (oh, no!). Knowing from the beginning the danger signs in a marriage will help you a lot. You can anticipate what have hurt you or what have made you uncomfortable. Then, you’ll understand where you should focus into.

Use the list below to see how many are there that actually happens in your marriage life. Though there are only three from the list that match with your real situation, your marriage is in danger and you are in a serious problem if you don’t make any change soon! So please, read these SIGNS carefully:

  • Every time you’ve finished your work hours, you feel hard, unenthusiastic, and lazy to come home to see your spouse.

  • You feel ‘afraid’ every time your spouse is trying to start a conversation; because you think that something hurts you will happen.

  • There’s only a little conversation topics that you can talk with your spouse enjoyably.

  • Things of your spouse that you admire before change into something that bother you.

  • At present time, you’ve never done things that you used to do it together enjoyably before; in fact, it becomes things that you avoid because it isn’t enjoyable anymore and it may hurt you.

  • You feel that your spouse doesn’t love you anymore or even hate you.
  • You have a desire to cheat your spouse or to get a divorce.

  • When you want to make any important decision that relates on children and finance matter; you assume your spouse almost like your enemy.

  • At a party or other gathering event, you criticize or even humiliate your spouse (or vice versa) in public, in front of guests and friends; and you don’t feel guilty having done it.

  • Your unhappy marriage life makes you more sarcastic and pessimistic with others who have better marriage life’s condition.

  • You are in deep sadness because your marriage isn’t the marriage that you’ve dreamt of. You are so disappointed with your marriage.

  • It seems that your hope and your dream in your marriage life may not be realized anymore.
Thank God, there’s no danger sign happens in my marriage. How about you? Have you counted? Did you find any danger sign that happens in your marriage? If you experience one or more of the signs, don’t postpone it, you should take it seriously and focus on fixing the problem. By recognizing these danger signs, I hope that your marriage can be maintained.
Rewrite source: Nova tabloid and google

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