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Be Careful on Labeling Your Child

>> Nov 17, 2009

Dear parents, you may have a child that is always disobedient and do many irritating things, included involve in fights at school or your neighborhood. Your child’s behavior often makes you dizzy and it happens almost everyday; therefore, you assume him/her as a naughty or a bad child. Please, be careful on doing this; especially giving your child negative labeling such as a lazy kid, a naughty kid, a disobedient kid, a stupid kid, etc.

Labeling is a stamp that can have positive or negative characteristic. Whether positive or negative labeling, both can affect children behavior, because children have sensitive feeling, especially children in primary school age. In daily life, there are still many parents that give negative label, such as ‘naughty kid’ to their children.

Why there are children with ‘irritating’ behavior? An expert said it can be caused by only high children curiosity or as an effort to gain more attention, whether from parents at home or teachers at school. Do you have any other ideas?

A child that basically is obedient can become being hard to be controlled, if the child is already labeled as a naughty kid by parents and people in neighborhood. This attitude appears because she/he feels not appreciated or trusted

Negative label can also make your child feels worthless, that’s why parents should be more careful! Moreover, the child accept negative label in perforce and the neighborhood treat the child as a naughty one. This situation can make the child feels the same way as assumed by other people, tough the truth is she/he isn’t like that. What a poor child!

The worst thing is, if the negative label has already attached; conscious or unconsciously, the child will act as a naughty one in his/her daily life. The negative label can strongly attach to a child if she/he receives it from parents, teachers and people in the neighborhood.

If your child has irritating behavior, don’t judge him/her by negative labeling, as parents, you should introspect yourself first to know the possible causes and then accompany your child and pay more attention to find the proper solution. You should build the emotionally closeness with your child, it can help you to know what your child exactly wants and needs. Learn to be a good and wise listener to your child…

If you’ve already given your child a negative label, do hurry fix it! Don’t be ashamed to admit your
mistake and ask for apologize to your child. After this ‘reconciliation’, you and your child can take proper following steps to build your closeness again.Rewrite source:Tempo and google

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