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Protect Your Children from Cyber Bullying

>> Nov 20, 2009

Have you heard this term ‘Cyber bullying’ before? I want to share a little about it here because I think, as parents; we should protect our children from anything that can harm them, whatever it is. Parents should know more about cyber bullying!

What is cyber bullying?Cyber bullying is when a child (preteen or teen) is threatened, humiliated, or otherwise targeted by another child (preteen or teen) using the internet and digital technologies. To embarrass others, cyber bullies can use various means such as text messaging, telephone calls, email, instant messaging services, social networking websites and web pages. Once adults get involved, it isn’t cyber bullying anymore, but it becomes cyber-harassment or cyber stalking.

There are two kinds of cyber bullying: direct attacks (messages sent to your child directly) and cyber bullying by proxy (using others to help cyber bully the victim, either with or without the accomplice's knowledge). Because cyber bullying by proxy often gets adults involved in the harassment, it is much more dangerous.

How to know that your child is a victim of cyber bullying?Your child may be too afraid or too confused to tell you the real condition, so, these signs can be your guidance to find out more information. If your child accesses internet regularly, you need to watch out for these recently appearing signs:

  • having an instant behavioral change
  • having temperamental and changeable moods
  • being easily nervous
  • becoming withdrawn from others and uninterested in something that your child likes before
  • showing lack of self confidence
What parents should do to protect children?
  • To online activities protection, as I mentioned in my previous Family-Safe Internet posts, you should install Internet Content Filter Software to the computer at your home. These softwares will block and filter internet contents that contain bad information for children such as pornography, violence, harsh and dirty words, drugs, crime, dating, escort and chatting services, etc. Using specific browser for kids and teens is also a great help!

  • Be a cyber parents who have enough knowledge about cyber things (jangan jadi orang tua gaptek yang tidak paham internet, komputer dan telepon seluler sama sekali ya). Inform your child that you can be the place for getting assistance.

  • Build your emotional closeness with your child. You should be the most trusted place that your child can go when somethings go wrong online and offline. Tell your child to inform you soon as she/he feels threatened or humiliated online and offline.
If your child is truly being cyber bullied, what parents should do?Be patient, I’ll mention it in my next post…

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