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CC: Meet Our Mothers

>> May 6, 2010

I forget about Mother’s day, because we’re here in Indonesia used to celebrate it at December 22th. Mother is someone that I love so much. Until now, I always miss her. I can’t see her anymore, and it’s really hard for me; but life must go on…

Not only my mother, but also my mother in-law has passed away. I’ve never met my hubby’s mother, neither does he. Oh… actually my hubby has ever met my mother in his dream. It happened when we’re still dating. He said that my mother introduced her self and gave her blessing to our relationship. My hubby can describe well her favorite dress, her face and hair; though he has never seen her last photo. It’s strange enough, isn’t it?

I know that writing this can make me cry, but I want to introduce our late mothers:

My mother’s name was Tuti Sugiarti. She passed away at September 30th, 1999; when she’s 59 years old. She released her last breath right after I was whispering to say that it’s all right if she wanted to go (I’m crying now…).

My mother was a talkative, caring and active woman. She’s a stay at home mother. We’re so close because I’ve no sister. We also like to spend times together. I hope she’s happy at her place now…
Fatimah is my mother’s in-law’s name. She died when my hubby is still 14 years old, precisely at October 4th, 1986. She’s 50 years old at that time. I heard that she was so kind, a good cook, and also a good business woman. She was famous with her jewelry store in my hubby’s home town.

It’s just a brief story of our late moms. If you still have your mother, don’t forget to show and say your affection, before it’s too late…
To all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!

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