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Couple’s Corner: Being a Sister or Friend

>> May 27, 2011

I have three brothers and no sister. Honestly, I envy with my friends who have close relationships with their sisters. I think that’s why my mom and I became very close. She’s my mom; but she can also be my sister and best friend. I have no secrets with my mom; I told her all my stories. We’re often going together; for shopping girl stuffs, just window shopping or watching kid movies at cinemas.

Years ago, when we’re still little kids, my brothers love teasing me. My mom became my protector at that time. Every time she saw any one of my brothers teasing me; she would yell and reprimanded him. But when we’re teenagers, we became closer one another. Every weekend, we did fun things together; like attending a music show or watching movies. I could ask them to teach me if I needed a help in finishing my home works. I could also ask for their help to pick me up or drop me off at any place; such as school or a friend’s house. They all are helpful brothers!

Now, my brothers already have their own families. We live far each other. My hubby assumes me as a good sister and sometimes my hubby sees me as a mediator between my brothers; if a misunderstanding happens. I most often communicate with my oldest brother, he calls me regularly.

My hubby can’t say anything about me as a friend. It’s a pity, but all good friends of mine live far from me. One best friend is living abroad. We just ‘talk’ via FB.

Well, that’s my story. Sorry for not sharing an interesting one here.

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