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Couple's Corner: Being a Daughter

>> May 19, 2011

I’m the only one daughter in the family. Moreover, I’m the youngest, too. My hubby doesn’t know my mom; she had passed away before I met my hubby. I’m so close with my mom; we’re best friends. I always accompany her during her days in hospitals. When she took her last breath; I sat near her. The day she left me was like the darkest day in my life. I always miss u, mom.

I and my hubby live together with my father; he doesn’t want to live alone. My hubby said that I’m the best daughter for my father. Sometimes hubby complains that I more prioritize my father than him. Well, I can't choose between my father and hubby; I love them both!

But I must admit here that I prefer to always try fulfilling my father’s wants. And it sometimes collides with hubby’s wants. I’m stuck in the middle. If it happens; I always persuade hubby to be more compromise and patient. I think it would be better if we, daughter and son in law, sacrifice some of our wants for my father’s sake. Am I right or wrong to have this kind of mind? Hubby and I argue about this occasionally.

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