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Hampers for Wishing Get Well Soon

>> Mar 13, 2014

Hampers for Wishing Get Well Soon   - For loved ones laid up in hospitals, fruit baskets are a great gift idea. What a great feeling it is to receive a basket of the season’s best fruits.

One can consume fruits raw and fresh or make a juice out of it. In case of juices, try to include leafy and green organics to the juice. This means cold pressed and salad style veggies, which can deliver more fibre. The thick green extracts boost your health and are simple to digest.

For juices, try creating a thick syrupy juice mix that avoids problems of runs and drips of fresh fruit. You can mix and match flavours. Your morning dose of fruit juice will keep you fit all day long, taking care of the nutritional requirements for the day.

But one adverse point is that fruit juice is rich in fructose sugar, which may cause onset of type 2 diabetes.  A getwell soon fruit basket eliminates the dangers of fruit juice-as the recipient will be eating the fruit rather than drinking it, and thus, avoids added sugar.

 Therefore, it is better to consume the fruits in raw form and rather than as juices. If you still want a juice, add some good vegetables like beetroot, kale, broccoli, and ginger.

To begin with juicing vegetables and fruits, add chopped veggies, some green leaves and extract of quarter piece of lemon. So make full use of the fresh fruit basket.

You need not waste money ordering an expensive fresh fruit basket. You can assemble a fruit basket at home. Here are some tips:

  • Consider the recipient: A consideration of the likes and dislikes of recipient will help in designing the basket.
  • The number of recipients: This will determine whether the basket will big, medium, or small.
  • Shape of basket: This will determine how much fruit it can contain.
  • Choose the fruit: Apart from ordinary fruits like apples and oranges, go in for rare ones like mangoes, nectarines, peaches etc.
  • Choose a basket you like: Other than the usual wicker basket, you can go in for different shapes, types and sizes.
  • If you desire everything to be dignified and simple, reduce the scale of presentation. Include crackers, cheese, cookies etc for variety.
  • Edible basket: Apart from edible contents, the baskets themselves can be edible. The basket can be woven out of edible grass or noodles.

Do you want to create a beautiful fruit basket? Read on:

  • Collect your fruit: You can gather as many as you like, both common and exotic especially organic fare from farmer’s markets. Fruits may be seasonal or not, available locally or not.
  • Choose the basket: If you cannot get a wicker basket, try other baskets like old cardboard boxes or wooden baskets.
  • Place fruit inside basket: Put the biggest fruits inside the basket first so that smaller ones don’t get crushed. Next layer is made up of medium sized fruits and the top layer must contain the smallest and most delicate fruit
  • Bow: Tie bow on the basket handle to complete the professional look.

Author’s bio: She is an employee of expressgiftservice.co.uk.  She is part of the online marketing team that is responsible for directing traffic to website and converting traffic to sales. She has a degree in business management.

4 komentar:

Staff Administrator March 13, 2014 at 8:02 PM  

dapat wawasan saya nih jadinya mbak lina..
ternyata untuk mengkonsumsi buah lebih baik di makan gitu aja ya..
kalo pun ingin di jus..lebih baiknya lagi mesti di mix dg sayuran juga ya :)
terima kasih ya mbah :)

Wahyu Eka Prasetiyarini March 13, 2014 at 8:25 PM  

Membuat parsel sendiri, selain bisa hemat pengeluaran, bisa juga melatih daya kreativitas ya mbak ;)

Unknown March 14, 2014 at 5:47 PM  

nice post friend, vusut back http://goo.gl/t3WQdP

Obat Sakit March 20, 2014 at 6:05 AM  

keranjang buah yang bagus mbak
cilik dan cekli tapi bisa menampung banyak buah

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