Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Attractive Gifts to Pakistan in Honor of Mother’s Day Celebrations

>> Jun 3, 2014

Well, you have your mom standing by your side throughout your life. She seamlessly sacrifices her wants and leisure’s in life to keep her kids happy. Don’t you think it is now your turn to add a glow to your mother’s face. What better way can there be than to gift an attractive hamper in lieu of Mother’s day? You can also send attractive gifts to Pakistan in case you are residing abroad.
Fresh Seasonal fruits plus 2 kg mix mithai
This yummy gift hamper comprises hand-picked fruits like apples, grapes, bananas, pineapples, oranges and mangoes in a spacious cane basket and a 2 kg assorted mithai mix from the best bakery in the city. This magical gift hamper will make your mom shed tears of joy.

24 red roses with 1 kg cookies from Pearl Continental
You can have a set of 24 red roses long stemmed with a kg of exotic, yummylicious cookies from Pearl Continental. You get a free personalized card and home delivery. So what are you waiting for? Go gift one and make your mum’s day special.

Rich cream exotica
You can present a chocolate rich cream exotic with wordings “I love you Ammi” and present one in lieu of Mother’s day. You can make your own love ode or ballot describing all the things your mom has done for you in life in a poetic way.

Sublime Breakfast treat
If your mum is maintaining a strict diet here is a perfect gift to delight her. This awesome gift hamper comprises of orange drink, something like a squash, fruit jam, nutria choice digestive biscuits and Black tea. It comes in an elegant cane basket with a personalized card and a satin ribbon on top. A healthy way for your mom to kick start her day.

Tea time greetings
After a tired day’s work your mum definitely deserves a relaxed evening time. She should be able to enjoy her evenings sipping her cup of coffee or tea. This wonderful treat is the ideal choice as Mother’s day gift. The hamper comprises of:
·         Lindt Chocolate
·         Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee
·         Twinnings tea box- Strawberry and Raspberry flavor
·         Peppermint flavored tea bags
·         Sugar free chocolate flavored cream biscuits
·         Sugar free orange flavored cream biscuits

Isn’t the kit wonderful for you to order online?

Breakfast Secret Selection
If your mum has been skipping breakfast lately due to stress and tension on account of day to day work here is gentle reminder for her to have her breakfast on time and not to skip it. You can help her start the habit of having a healthy breakfast this coming Mother’s day. The hamper comprises of
·         Oat Bran
·         Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee
·         Wholegrain wheat biscuits
·         Twinnigs Green tea
·         Rich chocolate plum cake

This hamper is a smart pick, isn’t it?

About the Author:
The writer works as a Sales manager with Express Gift Service, Pakistan. He has written several articles highlighting the importance of having a healthy breakfast.

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