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How to Pass a Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test Without It Being Overwhelming

>> Jun 4, 2014

Everyone shudders when they are faced with having to pass a basic vehicle control skills test.  It's actually nerve wracking enough to cause even some older drivers who have let their licenses expire running to brush up on their driving lessons.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  Here are some rules to follow in order to avoid having to dash off to one of those my driving school places, with the instructor's name on the door.

Vehicle Rules
1.  You will be tested in your own vehicle, or whatever car you drive to the Motor Vehicle Department in.  Be sure you are familiar with it.  Know where everything is located and how to put it into action.  This includes the parking brake and even the windshield wipers and washer, the heater and defroster etc. 
2.  Be sure that all the equipment in your vehicle is operating correctly.  There will be no excuses accepted for defective or missing equipment.

Before You Start Driving
1.  Before you even get into the car you'll be driving you should have taken note of nearby parked cars, people, or objects that would hinder the safe movement of your car.  It always pays to be observant.
2.  Once you are seated in the car adjust your seat and the steering wheel if necessary so that you will be sitting straight behind the wheel with your back against the seat and your feet able to easily reach the foot controls.
3.  The car windows and inside and outside mirrors should be clean and adjusted so that you have a clear view to the rear with minimal blind spots.
4.  Fasten the seatbelt. 

The Test
Taking the actual test itself is almost like getting driving lessons again, as you are graded on every move you make and could find yourself headed to that place with the sign my driving school if you don't perform properly.
1.  Follow directions exactly.
2.  Use the brake before shifting the car into gear from the Park position.  A sudden start is not the best way to begin your driving test.
3.  Try to make the shift smoothly and then accelerate slowly.  Always keep in mind that you must keep control of the vehicle.  Still, don't take too long to get the car going at the speed it would use on the road.  And while you are out on the road, pay attention and be sure you keep the car going near the speed limit.  A little under or over is usually acceptable, but don't go too slow or too fast.
4.  Use your turn signals every time you make a turn and you will also be expected to show you know hand signals.  You might think this is unimportant as you probably will never use them, but it matters.

Above all don't obsess.  Your vehicle control skills test will most likely turn out just fine if you only stay calm and remember what you've learned.

Candace Hubbard has been a freelance writer for over 5 five years and in the past worked at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  She is aware of the value of good driving lessons, and has done articles one of which was titled "My Driving School."

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