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Teachergive Sale 2023

The Value of Field Trips

>> Jun 7, 2014

For years the big yellow bus has pulled up to the front of the school to load anxious children and teachers into the bus to take them on field trips. It's been an institution in the education system for years, but do they really add any value to the learning of a child?

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There's something special about taking children out of the classroom setting and putting them into a new environment to learn. A field trip is usually viewed as very exciting for most children and they take pleasure in seeing the museum, historical sites etc. When they are there, the majority of students take it all in and view the displays in awe. Not only are the children learning through hands-on and real life experience but they also learn that an enriched education can take place anywhere at any time.

Children certainly need to learn the ABCs of the world and how to add 2 + 2 but there is another dimension to an education that deserves as much attention. Kids need to feel and learn about the arts and culture of life that they may not get exposed to at home. Unfortunately, with school budgets shrinking across the country, fewer field trips are occurring.

Fewer field trips equates to a less rounded education for all. And who loses out in the end? We all do. Society needs its share of scientists, athletes and artists. Without a balanced contribution to society coming from all fields, our culture as we know it now will suffer.

Many studies have been conducted about field trips and how valuable they are. Some people have even decided to home school their children so that they can have access to more hands-on types of learning situations including trips out into the field of the subject. What better way is there for a child to learn about agriculture than to take him right out into a farmer’s field to see for where the food source originates? There is no better way. As well, a trip to the farm can add value to other subjects such as:

  • Local geography
  • Nutrition
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Economics

Some food for thought
A child's mind is full of imagination and thoughts and a field trip opens up a wide range of possible discussions. It doesn't take a learned scholar to see the animation in the face of a child that has just picked his first tomato from the vine or has witnessed a mother pig feeding her babies. This type of interest and intrigue just can't be duplicated in a classroom and children need access to plenty of field trips in order to provide a full education to them.

When you're looking around for a school for your child, ask about the number of field trips that the school provides on a regular basis. This is an important part of learning for any child and comes with too many benefits to list here.

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