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Teachergive Sale 2023

Fit Versus Fat: Which Matters More for Longevity?

>> Nov 10, 2014

With the current emerging technologies in the medical field, the world is trying to lengthen lives and reduce life shortening diseases. As others are trying to make the world a better place, why would you want to spoil your life by choosing fat over fit? One of the major problems facing the entire globe currently is obesity. Your body needs to be well taken care of for you to maintain your health. It is very important for you to always be healthy and you can only achieve that by keeping fit. If you want to live a long life, then your entire body should be functioning well. By keeping fit, all your body parts perform their function easily and hence you remain healthy. There are so many benefits you get by choosing fit over fat.

Keep fit for a longer and better life
The length and quality of your life should be the most important goal in your life. Having a good and healthy diet plus regular exercising will increase your life span and keep you going for a long time. If you are very obese, then you need to set a goal and start losing weight. Exercising is not only for the obese. No matter how little you think you weigh, working out should be part of your schedule. The best thing about being part of the world population is staying alive and healthy. To ensure longevity plus good health, you should always work on reducing fat and always trying to keep fit.

Prevent diseases
At some point in your life, your body will become very weak if you do not take care of it. This is when your immune system starts dropping and you become prone to all kinds of diseases. When fat becomes the major component in your body, you lose your health since most body parts become too lazy to work. You will no longer be able to walk long distances or even perform small tasks. At this point, you are literally calling out for diseases like high blood pressure and hypertension. Do not be a slave to fat and fatty foods. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet and your body will not be susceptible to diseases.

Improve your brain health
The brain is one of the major controls in your body. With this in mind, you clearly understand that the brain should always be in great condition. When you keep your body for then your brain also gets in shape. When you get to old age, your brain will still be performing well only if you took care of your body during your youth. To ensure good planning, the ability to multitask and excellent performance at work, keep your body fit to keep your brain active.

Self confidence
The worst part in life is looking at the mirror and seeing a person you do not like. Perfection comes from deep within you. You can only feel good when you are healthy. Most people get sick from depression and stress because they do not love their bodies. If you are one of them then it is time to lose the fat and start getting fit. Get a ni card and you can track your health from any government hospital. 

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