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Teachergive Sale 2023

Step-By-Step Guide to Selecting a Garden Shed

>> Nov 1, 2014

A garden shed in Ireland is a covered structure which is erected in the backyard or a garden of a house. A garden shed provides extra storage space to the house, and can be used for a variety of purposes like:

  • Storage of gardening tools and equipment
  • Storage of household items which cannot be stored inside the house due to shortage of space.
  • Parking of tractors and small vehicles
  • Play area for kids
  • Small home office
  • Relaxation area, etc.

There is a large variety of garden sheds which are available for sale in Ireland, which makes deciding which one is the best for you quite difficult. Let us discuss the selection process here to guide you.

1.   Decide on why you need a shed
As discussed earlier, a shed can have many possible uses. Your judgement regarding what is the best shed for you will depend on what purpose it will serve. First came from a decide the present and the future uses of the garden shed in Ireland, so that you are clear in your mind regarding what to look for.

2.   What should be the size of the shed?
This depends on the area you will have in the garden in Ireland to put it up and also how you plan to use the garden shed. If it is only for storing tools and equipment, a small garden sheds in Ireland will be good enough. However if you plan to use it as an office, as a play area for the kids or for parking of a vehicle, then you will need a much larger shed. The rule is larger than the present use you have for it. But again, the size is limited by the space you have available in the garden to put it up. Buying an oversized garden shed might totally spoil the look of your garden.

3.   Decide which material the shed should be made of:
It is always better to buy a shed which is robust and durable. Hence it is always suggested to go for a material which has these properties. Wooden sheds have a tendency to get spoilt in a wet climate and when used very frequently. However wooden sheds can be very elegant and classy, because of which many people frequently opt for them.

If you’re looking for rugged use, go for a metal shed. Sheds made of galvanised steel, like Armstrong steel buildings, are known to last for a very long time, and withstand rough usage.

4.   Select a design:
Always ensure that the design of a garden shed matches that of the house and is congruent with the overall surroundings. Choose a matching colour as well. Any mismatch in design will make it standout as an eyesore.

5.   Decide on a budget:
It goes beyond saying that you should always decide on a budget for the garden shed and choose the best one that fits within it. Do some careful research off-line and online to discover some attractive deals which will bring them within your reach.

About author:  Martha McCoy is an interior designer and an entrepreneur. She regularly helps her clients in Ireland to select garden sheds. 

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