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Teachergive Sale 2023

Take a Methodical Approach in Selecting the Right Painting Contractor

>> Nov 15, 2014

Hiring the right painting contractor is not easy. The step by step method of contractor selection has been described in this article.

As you cannot risk to compromise on the aesthetic value when painting your home, you will have to give up the idea of doing the job by yourself and instead hire the services of painters Adelaide who can give amazing looks to your home. They have the skills required to provide quality painting service that can transform your home. These painters work for professional painting contractors and you will have to hire a contractor to get the services. But hiring the right contractor is not easy. You should know the method of evaluating the capabilities of the contractor before you select one. Begin with by asking friends and people you know.

Look for referrals
Word of mouth or referrals is a positive way to hunt for Adelaide painters. Ask for references among your acquaintances and known people who might have some experience about local painting contractors. You can also browse the internet for leads, but referrals work better as they are proposed by those who have experienced the service of the contractor.

Compare bids
Get at least three estimates to make a fair comparison of the rates offered. But this needs some careful analysis because looking at the rates in isolation may be misleading. Consider the rates in conjunction with the scope of services and the terms and conditions to ascertain its correctness. If there are glaring difference in rates, ask for clarification to understand the rationale and not get lured by the lowest rates because the lowest rate is not always the best rate.

Background check
Doing a background check of the contractors would help you to get indications about their capabilities and give some idea about their business dealings and practices. In the process you will come to know about their experience, know whether they handle the jobs on their own or outsource it through sub contractors. Knowing their views about quality of workmanship and materials used will help you to gauge their quality of work. If they are members of any professional associations, it would reveal their willingness to showcase their competence.

Legal compliances
First and foremost the contractor should have a valid license and should comply with all statutory legal requirements. They should have coverage for workers; compensation insurance and general liability insurance. These are necessary for protecting your interest as well as theirs. If the contactor sub contracts the work, then the compliances of the sub contractor should also be verified.

Clear communication
Your expectations from the contractor should be clearly communicated without any ambiguity. This can be done by making site visits with the contractors and show the areas to be painted. This will help the contractor to give a correct quote and remove unwanted variation in rates between comparative quotations. It will make your decision making easy.

Verify references
The contractors should give you some references of their work so that you can check with those sources about the quality of work done. Visiting the sites will help you to understand better and make proper evaluation.

Having completed all these steps you are now ready to make a selection. But it is also important that you develop a good working chemistry with the contractor who should be amiable and understanding, responsive to your needs and should be able to comprehend your vision properly for recreating your ideas in a flawless manner.

About the author – Anthony Thompson belongs to a group of Adelaide painters who has under his belt several project accomplishments for commercial and residential painting. He is a member of the association of painters Adelaide.

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