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Decorate a Garden Shed to Add to the Beauty of Your House

>> Nov 6, 2014

A garden shed has many utilities for the house owner in Ireland. It can either be used to store gardening equipment, tools, lawn mowers, extra household items etc., or can be used as a workspace, play area for kids, or simply as a relaxation area.

Earlier a garden shed was viewed as a stand-alone structure, separate from the home. However, in recent times the thought has changed. Now it is viewed as an extension of the main house itself. Naturally, more thought is being given to select a proper design for the garden shed which matches with the design of the main home. The house owners are taking a lot of care to decorate the garden sheds further.

The sheds are no longer viewed as a mere accessory for the garden, but as an aesthetically pleasing and stylish structure. Let us now discuss some ideas to decorate your garden shed.

Decorating a shed
If your shed isn’t not merely a closed structure in Ireland which is only used as a storage space, then the possibilities of decorating it are endless. If it is a structure which has a few windows, shelves etc., then you can add to its beauty by taking a few simple steps.

  1. Add an apex roof or a veranda change the look of the shed, and make it more stylish and utilitarian.
  2. Use the plants of your garden to decorate the exterior of the shed. The plants can add a natural look to the garden shed, and the flowers they bear will keep the sheds decorated for most of the year. Since these are the plants that are sourced from your garden in Ireland itself, no additional maintenance will be required for them. These plants and colourful flowers will make the sheds look like an extension of the garden itself.
  3. You can decorate the interior of the shed with art, wall hangings, sculpture, etc. install a wind chime in the open area, so that relaxing and melodious sounds fill the shed whenever the wind blows.
  4. If you plan to use the garden shed in Ireland as a relaxation area, you can put in a few armchairs, cushions, etc. for you to relax. Putting up a hammock can also be a good idea if your shed is big enough.
  5. If the shed is to be used by the kids as a play or study area, remember to decorate it with colourful materials, cartoons, etc. you can also paint the interiors of the shed with their favourite colours, so that they inculcate a sense of attachment to the shed.
  6. Install decorative lamps in order to light up the garden sheds in Ireland. If you are planning to use the garden shed as a work area or as a study area for the kids, then this is of prime importance.

Decorating your shed attractively would make you want to leave your home in Ireland and head off towards it whenever you have some time to spare.

About author:  Gerald Callahan is an interior designer. He regularly helps his clients in Ireland to decorate their garden sheds. 

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Staff Administrator November 6, 2014 at 7:34 PM  

gudang di pinggiran taman kayak itu.. keliat unik ya mbak :)

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