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Do You Fear of Heights?

>> Dec 29, 2014

Is taking escalator, riding cable car, transparent lift, looking out of the window when the car drives over a bridge, or peering down from the second floor in a mall can make you feel anxious and uncomfortable? You begin to panic, palms began to sweat, and legs felt weak. These are just a few of the signs that you may have a fear of heights. Everyone can experience different symptoms depending on the level of fear sense. Facing this fear every day can make you tired and frustrated. But don’t worry; fear of heights is a psychological problem that can be cured.

Is there a simple way to overcome fear of heights? Based on psychological theory, any kind of phobia including height phobia can be treated by several methods such as hypnotherapy (giving suggestions to the patient to eliminate the fear), the method of extreme exposure treatment (patient is positioned at a height repeatedly until you finally get used), the method of desentisisasi systematic (patients were asked to imagine beautiful things while in height), the method abreaction (patients are invited to imagine constantly about the thrill of being at the height of his imagination and practice), and the reframing method (the patient was taken to the beginning of the emergence of fear and motivated to get out of fear).

The application of the above methods must be done by experts. So, let’s discuss how to overcome fear of heights that you can do by yourself. The support of those closest needed to give you motivation to keep fighting your fear. Based on the experience of a few people who managed to cure the fear of heights, it turns out that the key is not to avoid, but to face and fight the fear with a strong intention.
1.The beginning step to overcome fear of heights is mentally readiness to do so. While some people want to conquer this fear, some are still not yet ready to deal with the physical and emotional obstacles that must be faced. If you are ready to deal with the emotional hurdles and are willing to fight any doubt, then you are ready to begin to overcome the fear of heights.

2. One way to overcome fear of heights is doing an activity that involves the altitude itself:
-You can immediately try activities that you may always avoid before. Try tandem paragliding, bungee jumping, roller coasters and other such games is an option that you can try, but this option is not for everyone. For some, it may seem too extreme to be considered in the early stages. A paragliding instructor said that with paragliding, he has managed to 'cure' quite a lot of people who are afraid of heights. As soon as it hits the ground again after plunge and flew for about fifteen minutes, the fear is much reduced or even disappearing; so just try paragliding tandem.

-For those of you who want to take smaller steps yet gradually, you can start from the bottom and proceed in accordance with the ways and desires. For example, you start with a folding stairs and stand on the top step. Once accustomed, continue to look out from the balcony of a house or look out of the third floor window in a building. Once accustomed to a certain height level, move ahead to a higher position and keep making progress.

-Panic feeling may appear suddenly when your mind is focused only on how high your position at that time. Negative thoughts flowing through your mind and heart starts pounding directly. Rather than just thinking about the height, enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of the environment around, then take a deep breath and tried to relax. If you grab something, still holding it, but remove the strain on your hands little by little. It can help you to calm down and realize that you are fine.

If you have a fear of heights, you are not alone. Be patient with yourself. The fear may not be healed in short time and may take a little longer. Don’t give up, keep trying and making improvement until you can conquer your phobia completely and have it only as memories.

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jp@A Green Ridge December 30, 2014 at 4:04 AM  

Very interesting research done on your part...good info!...:)JP

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