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Child vs Television Violence

>> Jul 18, 2009

We are deeply in grief. Suicide bombing happened again in Jakarta, Indonesia. Before continuing writing this post, I would like to send my condolences to all victims and families that have suffered from a loss of their beloved. I hope this huge crime will be revealed soon.

Every time there’s a big incident like this, all news programs on television will show terrifying uncensored images such as the bloody victims, the building damages, people in panic, etc. straightly from the location. Your child may see all these terrifying images! Not only uncensored news images, your child may also see other television violence. Have you already known what will seeing television violence affect your child?

Until the age of seven years old, your child still can’t differentiate between reality from fantasy because they haven’t had the reasoning ability yet. Everything your child sees is real to her or him. If your child watches violence or unkind images on television; those images will stick to his or her brain.

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Having violence as a part of buried memory in the brain may lead your child growing up insecure because she or he will have a look at the reality in a bad side of mind. Your child will be frightened easily, will be afraid to be alone, and will probably have nightmares.

The early years of your child’s life are the forming times of your child’s sense of safety, belonging and self-confidence. Therefore, as parents you should make your child feel safe and secure during these times so that the forming process will work properly. How safe and secure your child feels in his or her early years will determine how your child will face the real life later.

Please try your best to protect your child from seeing bad things on television. Instead of sitting your child in front of television frequently, why don’t you fulfill your child’s forming times with good things such as books, music, nature, playing and other interactive activities?

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