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Family-Safe Internet (3)

>> Jul 21, 2009

If you haven’t yet downloaded any specific browser for kids or filter content software; but your child is already eager to play internet, there is still other way out. There are many web sites for kids that may suite with your child needs. However, you should still watch and accompany your child to avoid him or her changing the present site.

There are many web sites
recommended by the child expert. You can apply parent advice and the recommended web lists per age category (2-4, 5-8, 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17) in commonsensemedia.org to choose the site that appropriate with your child.

Fortunately, there are also FREE educational websites; your child can learn lots of things and you don’t have to pay anything! Well, in this post I will mention some great educational sites that are totally free for you :

;e-smartschool (situs pendidikan anak Indonesia untuk usia sekolah dasar)

Portal Pendidikan Anak ini meyajikan banyak materi yang menarik dan bermanfaat untuk anak Anda. Ditulis dengan bahasa sederhana dan mudah dimengerti, portal ini bisa membantu membimbing anak Anda dalam belajar dan menjalin komunikasi interaktif antara siswa, guru dan orang tua.
Materi e-smartschool terdiri dari berbagai kategori seperti pengetahuan komputer, pengetahuan umum (alam semesta, bumi dan alam lingkungan, manusia dan kehidupan, dunia binatang, dunia tumbuhan, serba-serbi, tokoh dunia, bank data), cerita anak (cerita asli Indonesia, umum dan manca negara), materi pelajaran sekolah (kelas 1 s/d. 6 SD), Bantu Saya (jika sudah menjadi anggota, anak Anda bisa menanyakan berbagai pertanyaan ke redaksi), untuk Orang Tua (tersedia kolom pakar dan forum diskusi), seputar pendidikan dan Karyaku (anak Anda bisa mengirimkan hasil karya seperti karangan, puisi atau gambar).


This site is the new, improved Yahooligans -- Yahoo's answer to an online world for kids. There are Study Zone which has purpose to help school students. Science and nature section describes space, animals and dinosaurus. School and home work section allows your child to learn while playing; your child can learn language, art, math and social science. Around the world section is also interesting, your child can learn more about different countries in the world.
For parents and teachers, yahookids supplies many helpful informations and tips on giving the best education to children.


This site is the good choice for your younger child. For games, activities, and educational content, kids can always count on Billy Bear for a good time! Billy Bear has games to play, storybooks to read, coloring pages,free wallpaper, clipart and screen savers to down load... lots of kids stuff to give away.

Drawing lessons with billy bear is so much fun. There will be step by step guidance to draw an object in every lesson like how to draw bear, cat, frog, bird,etc.

kids know it network

Kids know it is a great educational site. Hiram Bertoch, the founder, said that learning was mean to be both fun and free, not boring, and definitely not expensive. This site has done the mission very well; your child will get homework help in a number of subject areas including animals, astronomy, biology, chemistry, dinosaurs, geography, geology, history, human biology, math, memory, and spelling. Each one of these subject areas has games, activities, worksheets, and free online classes that your child can participate in.

More than thirty free educational movies are available for teachers to use to supplement their lessons. The movies cover such topics as planets, absolute values, adjectives, averages, eclipses, acceleration, hurricanes, and more. Each movie ends with an interactive online quiz. Additionally, a comprehensive database of educational songs can be used by teachers and students to enhance learning.

I hope this article can help you to choose the appropriate web sites with your child. Let's protect them from bad information in internet!

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