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Humor is important!

>> Jul 25, 2009

Why humor is important in your relationship and marriage life?
  • Many relationships without sense of humor wouldn’t last long
  • Humor is an essential ingredient of a meaningful relationship
  • Life is too hard to face with someone who takes life too seriously
  • Laughter is a great stress-reliever
  • Humor can break the arguing
  • Sharing humor can lead to build a deep bond relationship
  • Sense of humor can help you through the hard times in more optimistic way
  • Your spouse’s humorous words can help you out from your bad mood
  • Humor will constantly lighten and brighten your days
  • Humor is a diversion therapy from the difficulties of your daily life
  • Sense of humor can train you to see the positive side of your life
  • The more you share humor with your spouse, the healthier your relationship will be
  • Laughter is a natural medicine; every time you laugh, your body will release endorphins that create good mood and positive emotion. Even laughing at yourself can make you feel better!
humor is important for your children?
  • Children’ sense of humor can increase their intelligence.An expert said that children’ sense of humor has straight relations with intelligence, creativity, social ability, empathy, self confidence, self appraisal and the higher problem solving ability. A child with a good sense of humor will be more likeable by his or her peers and adults.
  • Laughing together can increase the bond between parents and child
  • Children’ sense of humor can increase the children development function. With humor, your child can express his or her growing thinking ability and creativity in joyful way
  • Humor can be a best way in reprimanding your child; he or she will accept it well. Your child will correct his or her mistakes happily. The humorous way in reprimanding will also make your child feels appreciated.

What parents can do to develop the child’s sense of
  • Try to tell jokes and do funny act in front of your child whenever you can; especially when your child feels afraid
  • Be creative to develop your own style of humor. You may need to practice your humor ability; choose one that most suits your character and easiest for you to do.
  • Your child will imitate you. Support your child’s sense of humor with giving the good respons and laughing together.
  • Apply humor in your children life since their early years. Fulfill their golden years with laugh and joy!
Many families face the hard situation nowadays; if the sense of humor
always warms their home, they will cope this hard times properly; they won’t be drowned in problems.rewrite from several sources

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