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Parenting Your Twin Children

>> Jul 3, 2009

Are there twins in your family? Do you have your own twins? Having twin children is enjoyable but also troublesome. You must care two children (or more) in same age simultaneously. You will have very busy caring activities; especially when one or moreover all of them are sick.

Due to the condition whether the babies come from the same or different ovum, there are two types of twin: identical twin (monozygotic twin) and non-identical twin (dizygotik). Being different from non-identical twins; the identical twins tend to have the same behavior such as the same way in how they eat how they talk and may also the similar personalities.

You must remember that though the identical twins have the same genotype, they are truly different persons. Treating two or more twin children as one person is a common mistake that often done by parents. The parents usually give the same treatment to their twins such as choosing the same clothes, books and toys; including the almost similar names.

The parents’ mistakes in parenting twins will cause their children missing their selves as a personal; they usually think and do as one person. This condition is not right for your twin’s psychic development; it will lead to a bigger problem in their future. If someday they must be separated, each twin may have the lack of self confidence.

A children psycholog said that the most suitable parenting to identical twins is to treat them differently. You must recognize each character of your twins and give them different clothes, toys, books, etc. Your twins will grow up as their selves and each of them will be a complete individual.

Not only the parents should have an important role in parenting twins; but the other family member also should give a good stimulus to the twins. Example: always giving them a chance to choose what each twins want and like. Your all family member should teach your twins that although their looks are similar but actually they have their own character and uniqueness.

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kakara July 5, 2009 at 8:07 PM  

Nice info frenz..
keep share.. :)

Ricky Bachtiar July 5, 2009 at 9:24 PM  

yang pasti artikelnya gacocok buat saya.. haha

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