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Build Your Child’s Good Moral Character from Home! (3)

>> Oct 1, 2009

I’ve mentioned 20 of 50 tips on how to build good moral character of your child in my previous posts. Just remembering, moral character building is the big task of parents; and parents can do this by starting it from their own home. Conveniently, I’ll mention the following tips for you:

21. Enrich your child’s vocabularies that express emotional feelings. This way is still related to the introducing your child the various kinds of emotion. You can make a list together with your child. Try to make a list of 50 words such as: happy, love, adore, disappointed, angry, hopeful, worried, hate, etc. Always add the list every time you find new words.

22. Give the compliment every time your child shows good behavior to others. It will motivate your child to always repeat the good behavior.

23. Avoid harsh and impolite words at home by applying the house rule: always use polite words at home.

24. Avoid harsh action at home by applying the house rule: hands and legs are not being used to hurt other family member.

25. Be a secret admirer. Ask your child to observe someone secretly; it could be a family member, a neighbor or someone else that you recognize well. Discuss with your child about the ways that you can do together to please him/her; and then do the kindness to that person! I’ll give you some ideas here: you and your child can arrange the surprise birthday party, send a flowers gift, send a framed poem or a picture or a photo, etc.

26. Tell your child to give priority to truth and honesty.

27. Give the straight guidance to your child how to interact politely with others.
28. Play the changing of roles once in a while. It will teach your child how to be empathy. Give your child a chance to feel how to be someone else. Ex: for 10-15 minutes, let your child act as a mother/father and you act as a child. See what happens…

29. Introduce your child to the virtuous person in your area or read the life story of famous and virtuous people. Your child can learn from it!

30. Teach your child to respect other’s belongings. If your child brings home toys from neighbor, you must explain that it’s not right thing to do. Encourage her/him to return the toys. Your child must understand and respect property right or ownership.

31. Teach your child to care about the house and also environment cleanness. Always giving good example by throwing rubbish at its place. Ask your child to clean the house together at lease once a month or you can delegate the house tasks that your child must do frequently (of course, you must adjust the house task with your child’s age).

32. Keep your promise to your child. Don’t ever make a promise that you can’t fulfill. If you’ve made a promise, but it turns out that you can’t accomplish it; again, don’t be hesitant to ask forgiveness to your child.

33. Teach your child to express his/her opinion. Ask what’s in your child’s mind about something that you face together. Ex: your child see a friend crying on the first day at school; you can discuss this; ask your child to share his/her mind about what makes his/her friend sad.

34. Teach your child the causal rule; so that your child will know exactly the consequences that may happen every time making a mistake. Ex: “If you let your bike in the rain outside, it will be rusty and easily broken”. Explaining it with the causal rule like this will encourage your child to take care of his/her belongings well.

35. Don’t lie to your child. You can explain something in another way and words, but try not to lie. If your child knows that you’re lying, don’t hesitate to admit your mistake and ask your child to forgive you.

36. Teach your child to appreciate the value of money. There are some methods that you can apply such as giving allowance once a week so that your child can learn to manage the money. Let your child to learn about making priority of his/her money. For younger child, you can show an example how to save money by putting money into a piggy bank; do this in front of your child.

37. Don’t ask your child to lie for you. Many parents do this mistake; but actually; it’s similar with teaching your child how to lie. So, parents, avoid doing this!

38. Teach your child to always say “Thank you” every time receiving something from others; even tough your child doesn’t like it.

39. Play the eye contact game with your child. Teach your child to be able to make an eye contact with other person by playing this eye contact game.

40. Give your child a true or false test. You can make a list of simple statements such as sky is blue; brothers can hit one another; knife is sharp; you can throw rubbish to the river, etc. Ask your child to appraise each statement; which is true and false.

I haven’t yet finished with these tips (I hope you aren’t bored); there are still ten tips that I want to share with you…

rewrite source: Nova tabloid and google

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