Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Couple’s Corner: Our Hobbies

>> Jul 22, 2010

This week’s topic is talking about hobbies. Well, we need doing our hobbies to relieve stress and spend our spare times with positive things. Since we’re talking about inexpensive hobbies, I won’t mention shopping at malls here. Moreover, when I’m visiting malls, I seldom buy fashion stuffs; window shopping is more fun for me!

I have two new hobbies: blogging and photography. I’m not a web master or a professional photographer; I just like doing it. Fortunately, blogging is still inexpensive. I pay around $11 per month for internet connection and there’s no increase in the electricity bill. Of course, I don’t get a good internet connection; my connection would be very slow in the last week, every month.

To capture moments, I still use my pocket camera. A dslr camera is too expensive for me. I really want to be able to draw things, but I don’t have the talent. My three brothers are good at drawing; it’s only me that can’t draw. Photography is a good alternate; taking reality and beautiful objects is like drawing pictures…

Reading is still fun; but I don’t do it often anymore. There’s a small library near our house. It’s very cheap to borrow a book for a week. Cinta Baca is my favorite place to read and borrow books. I can read various topics of books and novels, according to my mood and need, hehehe.

Let’s talk about my hubby’s hobbies. There’s no doubt, he love cooking. Since we don’t have lots of money, he’s never cooked expensive food. It becomes a challenge to him, how to make delicious food from ordinary matter. My task is cleaning the mess in the kitchen! He also loves his vespa. He renovated it from an old junk vespa. When the weather is fine, we prefer riding the vespa to go anywhere, as long as it’s still inside the city.

I and my hubby love to watch movies, going out for food and listening music. It still can be inexpensive; since we’re fans of yummy but cheap food. There are our favorite places that offer delicious food in best prices. If we watch movies at cinemas; we prefer weekdays; it’s cheaper than weekend. My hubby usually downloads our favorite songs from internet.

It’s my story. What about your hobbies? Is it inexpensive, too?

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