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Marriage Advice: What Not to Say to Your Partner

>> Jul 25, 2010

Words can make or break us, hurt or heal us. Don’t you agree with this? When I still worked, I’ve ever had bad experience with my boss. He degraded or insulted my work with his harsh words. Have you ever had the similar experience?

Words can hurt. We know deep down that the words can cut like a knife. In a marriage, what we say to our spouse is important. The wrong thing can tear a husband's ego to slices. The wrong words can send a wife's self esteem falling. Words can be the life and death of a marriage.

Often husbands and wives use words out of anger or ignorance, with no conscious awareness of the consequences that their words may have on their spouse. It may be one sentence that could stab like a knife through the heart or it could be small words, relentless torture, that little by little, tear down delicately the love in your marriage.

Here are some suggestions on what to say to make your marriage stronger :

-I love you
-You look beautiful (or handsome)
-I appreciate you
-I believe in you
-You are a wonderful person
-Thank you
-Would you please help me with this?
-I am thinking of you
-I can't wait to see you
-Can I help you?
-I love spending time with you
-You mean everything to me
-You are so strong (to the husband)
-You mean the world to me
-I am so lucky to have you in my life
-I am proud of you!
-I respect you
-I am here for you
-I am listening.

You may add other words that you usually use in your own marriage. Things that you should consider are: Always ask, don't demand. Give compliments. Share your feelings. You may think she knows that you love her. You make think he knows that you appreciate him, but often they don't. They need to hear it. Use "I" instead of "You" to start your sentences, so not to put your spouse on the defensive.

Next post is the turn of DON’T SAY part. See you…

Rewrite source: essortment.com
Image source: fotosearch.com

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