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Marriage Advice: What Not to Say to Your Partner (2)

>> Jul 26, 2010

Husbands and wives, DON'T SAY these in your marriage:
-I told you so
-You're lazy
-You're fat
-Did you gain weight?
-You ALWAYS (or) You NEVER....
(saying you ALWAYS or you NEVER, is threatening, and not true...it might be this time or sometimes...take the situation on an individual basis)
-You're a failure
-You made a mistake
(that person knows if he or she made a mistake. Pointing it out will only make them resent you)
-You've never listened to me
-You're ridiculous
-That's stupid
-You're such an airhead
-Don't you know how to do anything?
-What's the matter with you?
-Are you crazy?
-You're so dumb
-I hate you
-I don't know why I married you
-You've never helped me
-You don't listen
-All you do is watch tv
-This marriage is a ball and chain
-Do .....(this or that, whatever like ....take out the garbage or why don't you go cut the grass....). ALWAYS ASK. NEVER DEMAND
-You're going to be sorry
-Your paychecks are so small, I can't pay the bills
-You're sloppy
-You've never cleaned the house
-Why don't you fix your hair?
-Is that all you have to wear is that old t-shirt?
-You don't understand anything
-You've never loved me
-You've never showed me love
-You've never done anything for me
-You don't understand anything
-Is that all?
-You're pathetic
-You're not even a man (or woman)
-Don't you know anything?
-You are so....(whatever....thats an automatic insult)

Want to add some other words?

You get the picture, right? Don't poke fun at your marriage when you're with your friends. Don't belittle your spouse or say things that will make them feel insecure or self conscious. Don't degrade your spouse. Don't ever curse at your spouse. Basically, don't insult your spouse. Don't demand anything, ask. Listen. Accept your spouse unconditionally. Be kind and loving, courteous and respectful. Marriage is a beautiful thing and to stay in love, there must be empathy and respect.

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