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Couple’s Corner : I Think I Will Get…

>> Dec 9, 2010

Actually, CC topic of this week is about the expected Christmas gift that you think you’ll get from your spouse. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I’ll share another kind of story, but it’s still about ‘gift’.

In my marriage, gift giving is not our regular habit. My husband never gives me a birthday gift or wedding anniversary gift. We just have dinner at our favorite dining place and then he gives and says a special prayer for me. But of course, it doesn’t mean that he never buys me things. He actually loves to buy me a little things that I like; but most of all it’s his spontaneous acts, so, it doesn’t relate with any occasion.

Last year (October 2009), there was one time that really surprised me. At that time, my husband has just recovered after having sick for weeks and it’s the first day he started doing his routine activities again. Before leaving home, he gave me a short poem. He said that it was a thankful gift for my caring while he’s sick.

I was so touched. It’s a happy surprise for me as he has never written me a poem before. The poem is in Indonesian language (I’ll share the translation version). It’s short, have no title, but it’s full of his love. I’ve shared this poem in my old post, but I’d like to share it again here.
To My Wife:
You are my adoration when I want to adore
You are like blood that running in my life
You are not decent to be given love… but you deserve to have a complete love from me – with all my heart
You are not an altar…but…you are like an altar that always get compliment and worship
You are not an ordinary person…in my life, you are an extraordinary one
My beloved kind wife, I love and adore you so much
My love and affection -ordinary and special one- I want to give it all to you…

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