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Intan, a Friendly Australian Stock Horse

>> Dec 4, 2010

Weeks ago, we spent our Sunday morning in Sempur field (Bogor, Indonesia). When we just wanted to go back home, three ‘cowboys’ with their horses were entering the field.

Soon their presence attracted many visitors, including us. When I asked permission to take pictures, one of the owners pointed Intan, as he is the friendliest than the other two horses. In English language, Intan means diamond. It’s a proper name for a friendly and handsome male horse, isn’t it?

Intan’s owner allowed me to ride him; but I was afraid. Australian Stock Horse is too tall for me, I feel difficult to jump up and sit on his back. Poor me.

When we’re talking about Australian Stock Horse, what do you have in mind? Based on Wikipedia source, the Australian Stock Horse is bred for intelligence, courage, toughness and stamina. This horse will be sound, agile and quick moving with a surefooted walk. It will have a calm, responsive temperament. Height ranges from 14 hands
to 16.2 hands.

Actually, they have been especially bred for Australian
conditions. It is a hardy breed of horse noted for endurance, agility and a good temperament. Its ancestry dates to the arrival of the first horses in Australia, brought from Europe, Africa and Asia.

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